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Swami Stuns Again; Hollywood Turns Pro

Like the headline on one of my blogs last week said, loud and clear, Nunn could get in done in Hartford. Translation for those a bit slow: Easy Ed Nunn, regulated to a fourth place finish at the Tampa Pro a week earlier, has the physique to move up all the way up into the winner’s circle at the Europa in Hartford, Connecticut, despite defending champ Ben White’s prediction that he would make it two in a row.

Once again, the Swami comes through with a stunning revelation: Nunn wins it, with Troy Alves in second and White moving down to third. Of course, there are folks out there, raging with jealously, who were condescending. No big thing, they say. An easy selection. Say what? Going from fourth to first is an easy prediction? Then how come THEY didn’t make that easy choice? Especially those hosting internet radio shows, who just MIGHT make their sessions a lot less boring with some fun stuff like bold predictions instead of just giving a run down of the field.

Shoot, even Bob Cicherillo, the leading candidate for my “Bonehead Pick of the Year” after tabbing Darrem Charles to win Tampa on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly (Charles landed in 10th, if you’ve been asleep the past 9 days), at least had the courage to go out on a limb and give his opinion. And didn’t go with the favorite, either. So, for those not yet willing to bow to the Swami—again—you can stuff it.

Now, back to more pleasant thoughts: congrats to Jerome “Hollywood” Ferguson for finally getting that long sought after pro card with his Super-Heavyweight and Overall victories at the Masters Nationals this weekend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Kudos to Dave Watson, too, for earing pro status by taking the second pro card.

Oh, the Swami had suggested to Jerome in the past he might want to make the trek to the ‘Burgh, where becoming a pro would be a lot easier than to continue the yearly battles at the USA and the Nationals. Now that one, for the jealous soles, was an easy one to pick.

Thumbs up also to James “Broadway” Bivens, my former student who placed right behind Ferguson in the SHW class, and to Tad Inoue, the local competitor/diet coach/West Coast Classic Official Spray Tan vendor, on his third place finish in the Heavyweight division. And, on the subject of someone named Inoue, wife Bern flew home to Temecula, California with a trophy of her own after finishing second in the Masters 35+ Bikini division.

Now we move on to the USA this weekend; my contest preview video has been up on this site for over a week now, although I didn’t have any idea who was in, who wasn’t, at the time of the taping on July 4. And, my current News and Views column (August issue) takes a long, hard look into the show. Additionally, Dave “Jumbo” Palumbo and I dug deep into the potential line-ups on his radio show, Heavy Muscle Radio, which airs tonight (check out Make sure to listen to our bold predictions. And, right or wrong, at least we had the guts to make ‘em!

Over, under and out!

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