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Swami Sizzles in ‘Vegas

You think the weather was hot in Las Vegas over the weekend? Then I guess you haven’t read the news: the Swami was stunning with his USA predictions, proving once again that, after looking into a somewhat foggy crystal ball during parts of the 2007 season, the magic has returned!Brandon Curry
First off, I correctly picked Brandon Curry to win both the Heavyweight class and the Overall. And, natch, that’s exactly what the 5’9″, 220-pounder did. And, who else in the entire bodybuilding media had the smarts to tab Curtis Bryant as the winner of the Lightheavyweight division? Nobody, that’s who! I mean, Çurtis was one depressed dude after finishing only seventh in the Heavyweight class at last season’s Nationals in Dallas.
And, don’t forget I also selected Shavis Higa as the winner in the Welterweight class. Three accurate picks, with my other selections finishing high in most of the the rest of the classes. Swami hotter than a Saturday Night special!Curtis Bryant & LT
Back to Bryant for a second. I had to council the young man at last year’s Nationals, and gave him some FREE valuable advice–drop down a class, Curtis, so you will be the biggest man in the division, instead of one of the smallest, yet still be in great condition. If you remember, I also was the ONLY member of the media to write how underappreciated my man Bryant was in a segment of the News and Views column in IRON MAN after the show.
And now that that priceless information has led Bryant to the next level in the sport (he finished second to Curry in the Overall balloting; the top two men at the USA earned pro cards), I am waiting for a suprise package in the mail. How much do you think the check will be for? Don’t give the credit to Hany Rambod, Curtis, give it–plus any financial renumeration you feel inclined to donate–to the Swami.Isaac Hinds
As usual, Isaac Hinds had a so-so story line with his picks. First off, Lifter’s sure fire pick of Sean Allan in the Superheavyweight class was as bad as his choice of Toney Freeman for third in last year’s Olympia. The X-Man landed in 14th, to refresh short memories. Allan, the 6’4, 280-pound giant from New Jersey, who says he’s relocating to So Cal in the near future, got pounded en route to a ninth place finish.
And Hinds also said Michael Liberatore would win the Heavyweight class. Okay, wasn’t such a bad selection afterall. Liberatore fought Curry pose for pose before losing a one-point decision. And, this was the only class to be rejudged at the finals. So, give Isaac props here.
Aslo, Hinds did remind me to include Edward Nunn in the Superheavyweight predictions, as you know if you’ve seen the Inside to the USA video on this site. Isaac picked out Nunn at the weigh-in at last years Nationals, and I agreed that Ed has a great physique.Sean Allan Great enough, in fact, to also knock my pre-contest choice, Grigori Atoyan, down to third behind another Swami mention, Kirk DeFrancesco. You forgot I named Kirk as one of the guys to watch out for in the video, eh Lifter and Yogi Avidan?
Yogi ,of course, was just awful in his picks, because he didn’t know who was entering for the most part. Avidan’s only correct choice ended up being Marty Burger in the Bantamweight class when he said “I’ll go for a burger” when he thought I was asking him what he wanted for lunch instead of who he wanted in the BW division.Jamie Costa & Jon Lindsay
Anyway, gotta get some rest for now; class at 8 am tomorrow at East LA College, and final grades due to Pasadena City College by Tuesday. So, want to end this blog by giving props to promoter Jon Lindsay for another great event (with around 330 competitors overall) and to tell ya to check back shortly for more goodies from my USA weekend. It was plenty of fun, in the sun, to say the least. Over, under and out.

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