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Strydom Sighting

Gary StrydomAs readers of this column know, Gary Strydom told me last year that he’d be back onstage at this season’s IRON MAN Pro. And as you undoubtedly realize by now, he wasn’t onstage—or even in the audience at the February event. Now I know why. The South African–born Strydom, a longtime U.S. resident, has been a busy man, heading to Thailand for several months to work on the launch of his new line of nutritional products.

Strydom Professional Series was developed by Gary in conjunction with some of South Africa’s leading experts in performance-enhancing nutrition for his much-publicized comeback at the ’06 Colorado Pro. (For my money the 47-year-old looked terrific and should have placed at least a couple of slots higher than seventh.)

“What sets my company apart is that it’s not a brand of products merely endorsed by me,” he said. “I developed it for my own use, and it’s my own brand—used, produced, distributed and marketed by Gary Strydom.

“Like the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. When I was preparing for my comeback, I became more focused on the scientific research and latest developments in supplementation, and that led me to want to combine everything I knew that worked for me into a line that would deliver exactly what I needed to maximize my body’s muscle-building and fat-burning capabilities—so I created my own supplements.”

Gary decided to go for mass production when the e-mails kept flowing in asking about the products he’d used for his comeback. “I knew I was going to have to get my merchandise out there fast and in much bigger quantities. So we went into production, and finally it’s ready.”

He’s also ready to get back onstage again and indicated that it could take place at the Europa Super Show in Dallas in August. That contest, Ed and Betty Pariso are thrilled to know, is really shaping up in the men’s division: Strydom, Chris Cormier, Johnny Jackson, Bill Wilmore and Quincy Taylor just for starters. Updates down the road.

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