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Strong Arm Tactics: Body Builder Dennis ‘The Menace’ James Pumped For Zultanite

Bangkok, Thailand, 2nd July, 2012

ZULTGEMS, authorized Zultanite distributor, today appointed International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) Pro, Dennis ‘The Menace’ James as a Zultanite brand ambassador. ZULTGEMS’ use of designer collaborations, popular shopping destinations, retail partners, home shopping networks, media and red carpet placements have been hugely successful in raising the profile of Zultanite, a natural color changing gemstone only found in Turkey.

Mr. James was born in Heidelberg, Germany and has been a professional bodybuilder for 16 years. He has won the prestigious Mr. Universe title, Mr. USA and several European competitions. He has competed numerous times in NPC (National Physique Committee) competitions, Night of Champions, Mr. Olympia, and the Arnold Classic. Mr. James has also been featured in hundreds of articles and graced the covers of major fitness and bodybuilding magazines, including FLEX. Retiring from competitions in 2010, Mr. James stays active in the sport with guest appearances, seminars, workshops and special events around the world.

Beautiful, ethical, natural and rare, Zultanite’s beguiling color palette, combined with an exotic pedigree, has made it a favorite among jewelry aficionados around the globe. “I first saw Zultanite in a Christian Tse watch a friend was wearing. I didn’t have a clue what Zultanite was at the time, but I was immediately intrigued by its mix of colors, so I reached out to ZULTGEMS,” said Mr. James. He continued, “ZULTGEMS has been absolutely fantastic and extremely supportive – we eventually settled on a custom pair of Zultanite earrings featuring 8mm princess cut gems weighing over 3 carats each. The earrings look great, and I am excited to be a brand ambassador for Zultanite, one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful gemstones.”

ZULTGEMS Managing Director, Darren Lockie is delighted by the appointment and confident Mr. James will enhance the perception of Zultanite, especially among men. “We’ve had some good success with Zultanite in men’s jewelry; for example, the Christian Tse Zultanite watch has been worn by ‘American Idol’ contestant Joshua Ledet and ‘America’s Got Talent’ host, Nick Cannon,” said Mr. Lockie, continuing, “Zultanite’s earthy hues are well suited to men’s jewelry and Mr. James will be an excellent spokesperson for the gem.” Jokingly adding, “After all, not many people are game to disagree with Dennis ‘The Menace’ James!” ZULTGEMS will support Mr. James’ ambassadorship through event sponsorship, trade show appearances and media campaigns.  

Located in the heart of Bangkok’s gem district, ZULTGEMS is an authorized distributor for color changing Zultanite, one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful gemstones. With decades of experience in the gemstone and jewelry industries, ZULTGEMS’ mission is to introduce and enamor jewelry connoisseurs around the globe to Zultanite’s unique beauty and rarity.

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