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Started in the squat rack, now we’re here…

Congratulations, guys! You made it through the winter, all the cardio sessions, and heavy leg workouts, and the moment most of us have been waiting for is finally here: beach season 2015! Take it off. Show it off. You deserve it. For us here at Iron Man, this summer will be everything but a vacation. We continue to publish 12 issues a year because it matters. But don’t feel bad for us. We are fortunate enough to be able to see palm trees through our windows all year round, and beach season here in Southern California is a bit longer than three months a year.

Every time I lack motivation at the gym I walk around Muscle Beach in Venice, California. I always find something to inspire me. These walks really remind me of how it all started and what it was all about for me. One of the biggest reasons I started lifting and wanted to move to California was because of all the photos I used to see in the magazines as a kid: pumped-up dudes running on the beach surrounded by beautiful ladies. I wanted to be there, look like those guys, and do all that, I had no clue how to get here and what it took, but I wanted it. Guess what? Nothing has changed. This place still attracts physique talents from all over the world. Social media sensation, fitness icon, and IFBB Men’s Physique pro Jeff Seid is one of them. There’s no better way to welcome the summer season by arranging an epic meeting at the beach between renown photographer Per Bernal and Jeff Seid, who, by the way, brought some friends with him. The result speaks for itself.

– Binais




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