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Stan the Man, Eli’s Coming

Got a lot done in my trip to Gold’s, Venice today. Did several video interviews, with Bill Comstock behind the lens, including one with Hidetada Yamagishi, who looks right on track a little over two weeks before the 2010 season opener, the Phoenix Pro. Check back soon to see the Asian Sensation posing at 225 pounds . Naturally, he’s bit flat at this stage, but I think the guy will be sharp as a tack come game day, and is a definite top three contender.

LT & Eli Blahut

I did an up close and personal taped interview with Stan McQuay, who is tentatively scheduled to be on the June cover of IRON MAN; think you’ll be as surprised as I was to find out some of the "interesting" things about Stan the Man’s background. Also, finally met 22-year-old wundkerkind Eli Blahut, who is featured as one of my Rising Stars in the current issue (March). Eli and brother Mike, who recently spent over two years in the Peace Corp, ventured west in the past two weeks, all the way from Queens, New York, in their VW van. As luck would have it, they arrived just as I was about to make the hour trek back to Pasadena; make sure to view the video we did with the Blahut brothers, coming soon . Ain’t exactly a version of MTV Cribs, let’s put it that way. By the way, make sure to read the segment I wrote on Eli in my "News and Views" column in the April issue, which should be out before the end of the month..

Stan McQuay

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