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Squatters Rights

While Ruthless Ruth Silverman was back in South Beach for the Legends event over the weekend (congrats to Dexter Jackson for his $100,000 victory, by the way) I joined videographer Wild Bill Comstock at the 619 Muscle Holiday Bash on Saturday, held at Metroflex Gym in Long Beach. First time I’ve been to the facility, which opened last June; well, I have been to Metroflex, but the one Brian Dobson owns in Arlington, Texas. You know, the home of the Big Nasty, Ronnie Coleman

It was a good-sized crowd that ventured into the Chris Albert/Eddie Avacoff-operated facility, and I was surprised at the large number of sponsors there to support the event. Big Steve Kuclo, the 2011 USA overall champ, was repping Hany Rambod’s Evogen Nutrition, and did a little guest posing performance to boot. Steve says he’s weighing 292, which means he was really 280, and looked pretty good at that weight (he was about 260 or so at the USA). He’ll be making his pro debut at the 2012 New York Pro; I think the 26-year-old out of Irving, TX will finish in the top two–thus earning an Olympia qualifying berth. He did back down, however, when I challenged him to a calf posedown. Smart dude.

The purpose of the day was to benefit the 1736 Crisis Center, and Mini-Quadzilla, Derik Farnsworth, did what he does best in front of his idol, Tom Platz, and about 100 or more screaming fans–squat. Derik did nine reps at 545, then cranked out three more at 600. Afterwards the former Nationals and Team Universe lightweight champ smiled, and said, "Just another day at the office." His training partner, Pistol Pete Ciccone, was right there with Farnsworth–as his spotter, of course.

It was also my first look at the 619 Muscle supplement store which Martin and Khay Rosemond opened a few months ago. Khay, who donates time to the crisis center says business is good; stop by and visit both the store and the gym, located at 3200 E. 59th Street in Long Beach. Just don’t look for me squatting when you do.

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