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Show of Champions WPD: Mello From Coast to Coast

IMG_6885Z_2WbNote: This report is out of order but includes a few points worth noting as we flex our way to the Olympia Women’s Physique Challenge in September.

Patricia Mello blew away the idea of West Coast vs. East Coast judging—at least as far as women’s physique is concerned—by following up her victory at the Los Angeles Grand Prix on April 13 with another big win at the Europa Show of Champions in Orlando, Florida, a week later. The Brazilian bombshell of WPD—well, one of them, anyway—has put together an elegant package of muscle, proportion and stylish presentation. This time she topped a powerful lineup of 26, newcomers as well as vets.

Mikaila Soto, finished second with another solid performance, while third went a former bodybuilding champ in her long-awaited pro debut. Amanda Dunbar took the women’s overall title at the ’05 NPC USA with the proverbial total package of shape, proportion and not too much muscle but never competed on a pose-for-pay stage. Women’s physique could prove to be the opportunity she has been waiting for.

Fourth went to a nicely conditioned Frances Mendez, with Jillian Reville rounding out the top five.

Mello’s East Coast win didn’t stop fans and followers from declaring that the West Coast judges like ’em softer. While that’s always been the rap, it really depends on who’s judging, who’s onstage and who’s in shape. Take Jill Rudison, the overall winner at last year’s North American Championships. She’s got a fabulous shape—proportion, symmetry and muscle, although maybe it’s a little too much muscle and conditioning for physique. That’s what crossed my mind when she had to settle for fourth in L.A., but, then, she dropped to 13th at this show; so maybe it’s not as cut and dried (if you’ll excuse the expression) as many think.

While it’s safe to say Mello has established herself as one body to watch when the ladies pose down at the Olympia Women’s Physique Challenge in September, it would be premature to suggest that she has a lock on it. I can think of at least two other WPD Brazilian bombshells who might have something to say about it.

Photo—A key callout (from left): Frances Mendez, Mikaila Sota, Patricia Mello, Amanda Dunbar and Jennifer Robinson, who placed sixth.

’13 Europa Show of Champions Pro Women’s Physique

1) Patricia Mello
2) Mikaila Soto
3) Amanda Dunbar
4) Frances Mendez
5) Jillian Reville
6) Jennifer Robinson
7) Kristina Curci
8) Melissa DiBernardo
9) Asha Hadley
10) Janet Koehler
11) Alecia Marie Rankovic
12) Leonie Rose
13) Jill Rudison
14) Rachel Baker
15) Jill Dearmin
16) Amanda Brawn Harris
16) Tammy Patnode
16) Tiani Norman
16) Anne Marie Lasserre
16) Cinzia Massoro
16) Danielle Reardon
16) Audrey Presson
16) Candrea Judd-Adams
16) Danielle Soucek
16) Evangeline Belton
16) Stacy Simons McDowell

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