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Shakin? the Gonna-Lose Blues

Realizations that can help you blast past pessimism

Here are a few things to remember as you strive for your next goal:

‘We all enter situations with expectations, some for success and others for failure.

‘Histories of failure create expectations of failure, and histories of success create expectations of success.

‘Your expectations will shape your results: Expect success and you’re likely to succeed. Expect failure and that’s what you’re likely to get.

‘You can create expectations of success by engineering success and noticing your accomplishments.

‘Accomplishments tend to snowball, so one small accomplishment can quickly roll into something awesome. The key is to get going in the right direction and to keep going.

We all like to think of ourselves as active, capable agents who control our destinies, and many of our worst fears involve thoughts that we are being controlled by others and are doomed to failure.

What you expect’self-control or manipulation, success or failure’is largely what you will get. Go ahead: Think big, act big, and get big results!

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