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Second Shot for Grigori

Grigori Atoyan 807mpf1078Lee Banks 807mpf0984IRON MAN’S roving reporter, Dave Liberman, will be on hand in Cleveland, Ohio this weekend to get me the inside scoop on the latest version of the North American Championships.
I’m surprised, in looking over the competitor’s list posted by Lifter Hinds, that Ed Nunn’s name is missing from the line-up. Easy Ed crushed the Superheavyweight field at the USA, and if he showed up at the NA in the same shape, would win his pro card. Guess he wants that head to head battle with Stephen Frazier in Atlanta (Nationals) instead.Darrell Terrell 783mpe1107
Thus, Grigori Atoyan gets a chance for atonement after letting me–and himself–down at the USA with a third place finish in the SHW class after I predicted victory for the Northern Cal based physique star. So, I’m going with Atoyan again to take his class, and predict it will be Grigori against Lee Banks, who I say wins the HW division in a close battle with Darrell Terrell, in the battle for the Overall title.
Oh yeah, I predict my former student, James (Broadway) Bivens, has a great shot at taking the Masters 40 and over division. It’s been lights out on Broadway in recent times for the 6’3″ and 275 pounder, and it’s time he turns the power back on in Ohio. Then again, on “The Experts” Mr. 0 predictions just put up on the site, I pick another ex-student, Quincy Taylor, as the longshot at the Olympia. Hinds said it was a horrible pick; Taylor make Hinds look wise by getting smashed at both the Tampa and Europa shows and not qualifying for the Big Dance in Vegas; maybe being an ex-student of mine ain’t such a good criterion afterall.

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