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Sally Leung

Sally Leung was the first Asian-Canadian to win a Miss Bikini Universe title in only her first year of competition. Her fitness journey began a few years ago after she became a fitness instructor. She wanted her class to think of her as a role model, but, more important, she wanted her family, friends and culture to think of her that way. “I realized that until people around me saw me become a strong, healthy, beautiful Asian woman, they were never going to believe that it was possible, and they were never going to change.” Sally started to see changes in her physique, and so did everyone around her. “I never thought I could step on the same stage as some of the best bodies in the world! After my first bikini competition, I was hooked.”

Height: 5’8”   Weight 120

Goals: Sally intends to inspire women everywhere to reject an image of beauty that is a dead end for their health and a drain on their self-esteem by educating them on the basics of a healthy lifestyle in a straightforward, easily understood way.

Fitness philosophy: “The concept of fitness is very simple: The amount of effort you put in training your body will directly impact your physique. In order to maintain my ideal physical condition, I learn to commit, work hard and be consistent with my training plan.”

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