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Research Team: Norbolone Delivers Legally

A real deca-like compound that’s now available without a prescription?and it’s completely legal.

It’s no secret that the steroid Deca-Durabolin, also known as nandrolone decanoate and 19-noretestosterone, is one of the most popular and effective anabolics in the world. It’s been used by thousands of top bodybuilders because it’s highly effective at rapidly adding ripped muscle mass. Not only does Deca accelerate muscle gains and strength increases, but it’s also an extremely effective pain reliever because it lubricates the joints. Plus, there are very few negative side effects associated with Deca, which makes it unique among steroids. You can take Deca and essentially get all the good with none of the bad.

When you combine its amazing anabolic properties with an almost negligible downside, you can see why Deca is so popular, but it is a steroid, which not only makes it illegal to obtain without a prescription but also raises ethical questions among people who choose to train naturally. So, what’s a hard-training, conscientious, law-abiding bodybuilder to do? Plod along at a snail’s pace, wishing for muscle gains to occur magically? Luckily, there’s a brand-new compound called NorboloneTM, made by CSS (Chemical Substrate Series), which is practically the same as Deca. It’s a powerful alternative that imparts all the same positive effects but has a superior chemical design that eliminates the negative side effects associated with oral steroids.

TMM-100, as it’s called, is your ticket to a huge and shredded physique as long as you train hard and eat enough protein. It’s that simple. If you take care of the training and the diet, TMM-100 will help you turn your body’s anabolic potential into anabolic reality’18-inch arms, 19-inch arms, maybe even 20-inch arms; monstrous, ripped quads; thick pecs; a superwide, detailed back; muscle fullness with vascularity and strength you never imagined possible.

Why does Deca work so well? It was actually designed to treat patients suffering from the effects of starvation and wasting diseases. Not only did it effectively stop muscle and weight loss, but it also increased bodyweight to healthy levels.

The reason nandrolone was able to stop wasting diseases is the same reason that it’s such a potent anabolic muscle builder. It increases protein synthesis by dramatically improving nitrogen retention. By protein synthesis I’m referring to the process by which your body absorbs and uses protein to build more and repair muscle tissue. The better your protein synthesis, the more muscle you’ll build, but if you’re not processing the protein efficiently, it’s practically impossible to gain muscle and strength.

As protein in its bound form is nitrogen, the more nitrogen you retain in muscle cells, the more protein you have for muscle building and repair. Even more important, when you’re in positive nitrogen balance, storing and holding on to more nitrogen than you lose, your body uses protein for muscle building and not as an energy source. That’s so critical because when the body uses protein exclusively for anabolic purposes, it easily accesses fats and carbs as preferred energy sources, sparing protein. So all the protein you eat goes toward building muscle. What’s more, your hard-earned muscle mass won’t be catabolized’attacked and used for energy’either, which means that Deca is highly anticatabolic.

When you are in positive nitrogen balance and protein synthesis is optimized, muscle gains come at a shockingly fast rate. It’s not a mystery. Absorb and use protein to build and preserve muscle mass, and your body will become an anabolic factory. This is the biggest thing that separates you from the top bodybuilders who build incredibly huge and muscular physiques almost effortlessly using steroids, like Deca. Now with TMM-100 you have a legal, safe and supereffective way to get off the bench and into the game.

TMM-100 duplicates other of nandrolone’s key beneficial effects, including reducing the amount of cortisol that your body releases. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone because the body releases it during stress, like intense weight training. It’s healthy to have low levels of cortisol, and when too much cortisol is released and the levels of the catabolic hormone are elevated, it will break down protein and cannibalize muscle for energy. That’s right, cortisol feeds on muscle tissue.

Cortisol is no match for Deca, however, which neutralizes its effects, an action that further solidifies the steroid’s position as one of the best anticatabolics. Fortunately, you can now accomplish that amazing feat without Deca, since Norbolone does it too.

Deca is also known among bodybuilders and other athletes the world over as being a joint lubricator. People who have had injuries or experienced chronic pain in joints, tendons and connective tissue use it as an anabolic and get the added benefit of pain-free training. Because of the receptor sites it occupies, the steroid causes increased water retention in joint tissue. Knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists (everything that bends or twists) that once were very sensitive to pain and prevented hard training now stop causing problems. Amazing, but true.

How important is that factor? Have you ever tried to train with a nagging injury or joint pain? It’s not easy to work out hard with consistency. Just as it mirrors the positive side effects of Deca in other areas, Norbolone enhances joint health. So you get not only the greatly enhanced protein synthesis and nitrogen retention for rapid muscle growth, with fats and carbs becoming the preferred sources of energy, but also the added bonus of pain-free training. That means you can train harder and heavier without being hindered by nagging injuries and discomfort.

While nandrolone is an awesome steroid with almost no negative side effects, it’s an injectable steroid. The question is, How do you create an orally active nandrolone product that works like injectable Deca?

Most people prefer an oral delivery system for the simplicity of swallowing a pill and because they don’t like needles. This is why many oral steroids, like Dianabol and methyl-test, were developed. The problem with oral delivery of steroids is that they pass through the liver, where all compounds are broken down and active ingredients are often destroyed. To combat the problem, most oral steroids are 17-alpha-alkylated, which prevents them from being broken down by the liver. The 17-alpha-alkylation process preserves the active ingredient of the steroid but is very toxic to the liver’which is the reason that oral steroids (more than injectables) can often result in health problems.

Oral steroids like D-bol and methyl-test have been used to treat hereditary angiodema (HAE), a disease that causes fluid to escape from blood vessels into surrounding tissues. Unfortunately, those steroids are hepatoxic, a medical term for ‘tough on the liver.’ Since HAE primarily affects the elderly, treating it with D-Bol or methyl-test often did more harm than good.

Scientists searched for a way to create an oral steroid delivery system that didn’t require the 17-alpha-alkylation process. Each steroid molecule has a distinct skeleton model. There are different side chains to the basic skeleton that affect the delivery of steroids into the bloodstream. By modifying the side chain, scientists were able to create an orally active steroid without the 17-alpha-alkylation process.

And thanks to the research done on the elderly, the amazing new anabolic compound norbolone-17-ester was created. Norbolone, which is only found in TMM-100, is not only orally active but also not toxic to the liver. When norbolone-17-ester enters the body, it completely bypasses the liver and makes its way to the small intestine, where the ester is removed and complete absorption of the active ingredient, Norbolone, occurs. This is so amazing because until just recently, 17-alpha-alkylation was the only process available to protect active anabolic ingredients from being destroyed in the liver. But by attaching an ester to Norbolone, the compound’s creator was able to preserve the integrity and potency of the compound and deliver it for maximum effectiveness with no toxic effects. It never even enters the liver yet is fully absorbed’truly amazing.

The norbolone-17-ester in TMM-100 is absorbed in the same manner as dietary fats, which means it’s lipophilic, or fat loving. Norbolone is dissolved in fat, and since essential fats are absorbed very quickly in the body, its delivery is accelerated.

I know it’s unbelievable that a compound that rivals the anabolic effects of Deca is legally available, but it’s true. Norbolone is technically not the same as nandrolone decanoate because of one specific hydroxy group attached to ring A of the Norbolone molecule, which puts the compound into a new and unclassified category. It’s not the same from a legal or scientific standpoint, but from the standpoint of usage and anabolic effectiveness, it’s practically as potent’and safer.

Also, you must realize that this is nothing like the so-called Deca pro-hormones, 19-norandrostenedione and 19-norandrostenediol, which require enzymes in the body to convert to the active ingredient, 19-nortestosterone. With pro-hormones a great deal of the active ingredient is destroyed when the substance enters the body, and by the time the conversion occurs, very little potency is left. With norbolone-17-ester, however, not only is the active ingredient an actual Deca-related compound, but it’s delivered with the utmost efficiency and no health risks.

Think of it as an anabolic party: nandrolone (Deca) is the host, and norbolone-17-ester (TMM-100) is the guest of honor. Pro-hormones like 19-norandrostenedione and 19-norandrostenediol claim to be friends of both Norbolone and Deca, but they’re not on the list and those credentials never even get them in the door.

Yes, TMM-100 is completely legal, but because of its amazing anabolic effectiveness, it will no doubt come under a great deal of scrutiny. Because of that, if you’re serious about achieving and exceeding your anabolic potential, you should call toll-free to 1-800-447-0008 right now and order your own cycle of TMM-100.

Eight-to-12-week cycles have delivered the best results in terms of rapid muscle building. After a four-week break you can start a new cycle. The recommended dose for building a huge, ripped physique is two capsules taken three times daily with food. Supplies are limited, and there’s no telling how long TMM-100 will be available. Act now so your anabolic possibilities don’t pass you by.

Editor’s note: You can get three potent 90-capsule bottles (an eight-week cycle) of TMM-100 for only $199 (you save $70). Call 1-800-447-0008, and ask for the IRONMAN Research Team TMM-100 Special. IM

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