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Relationships, Part 2

IRON MAN’s success over the past 71 years is directly connected to our ability to deliver quality information that our readers find useful. Useful is probably an understatement— maybe essential would be a better characterization. You are not just a reader but also a doer, and that distinguishes you and your needs from those of the masses who are simply observers. What you demand from IRON MAN are the tools you need to help you realize your goals, and that’s what you get. Our motto is, We know training, but it’s more than that: We do training.

The result-producing information and ideas we present flow from the minds and experiences of a diverse and accomplished group of writers. We have the greatest range of subjects of any of the top bodybuilding magazines because of that unique mix of contributors.

Jerry Brainum would be on anyone’s short list of top training-and nutrition writers. With his 35-plus years of in-the-gym experience and in-the-journals research, he has probably counseled more bodybuilding stars on nutrition than all the so-called gurus combined. Jerry brings a passion to the science of bodybuilding that is second to none. His unique talent is to be able to gather the information, weigh it against his experience and then decode it so that the rest of us can understand and use it.

I recently watched Jerry’s mind at work as he conduced two interviews, one with an M.D. and another with a Ph.D.—experts in their fields. While Jerry is a generalist and the men were specialists, his questions were as probing as any they had encountered. Jerry was able to comprehend what they were saying on a level that they had never experienced from a representative of a magazine that was not an academic publication—IRON MAN. They commented to me what a pleasure it was to work with someone who was so well versed in their subjects.

IRON MAN is also fortunate to have Charles Poliquin on our roster of writers. He contributes an extensive body of scientific knowledge tempered by the experience of a strength coach and bodybuilder. Charles stays on the cutting edge of exercise science, and he takes what he’s learned and tests it in the crucible of his Poliquin Performance Center.

Bill Starr has a devotion to the basics of weightlifting—which work for most people—and he has honed them over his years as a professional strength coach. His series, Only the Strong Shall Survive, is a staple of IRON MAN, with information that’s always innovative and inspiring. Check out this month’s installment on dynamic moves for building the back. It’s full of unique training insights—not your usual rows and pulldowns.

IRON MAN knows training because our contributors share your passion and commitment to bodybuilding. To comment, please send e-mail to me at [email protected]. IM

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