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Red Raspberry Ketones


There has been a lot of buzz in the media about raspberry ketones lately, especially ever since Dr. Oz mentioned these substances on his TV show and touted them as a wonderful fat burning aid recently. So what are they, what do they do and can they really help you burn more fat and achieve the lean body you want? I will explain what these substances are and what kind of action they have in our bodies in just a moment. But the exciting news is that they do seem to be able to help us burn fat and stay leaner. Let’s explore these this wonderfully aromatic compounds closely so you can understand their actions and what impact they can have on your body goals.

Raspberry ketones are substances found in red raspberries and are responsible for many flavoring and aromatic qualities in cosmetics and processed foods. They actually have a wonderful raspberry smell as their name suggests. They can be ingested orally and and metabolized. Once they are in the blood stream they have effects on lipolysis and our fat cells.

Just like other ketone bodies, raspberry ketones encourage our bodies to free up lipids or fats for fuel. Raspberry ketones seem to do this by increasing the amount of glycerol in our adipose tissue (from fatty acid separation) as much as threefold. Additionally, they increase fatty acid oxidation while suppressing triglyceride accumulation. Simply put, they give our fat cells the signals to more freely release fat as fuel, and help our bodies resist fat accumulation. More precisely, red raspberry ketones do all this action by increasing the levels of a protein hormone called adiponectin.

Adiponectin is a hormone produced by our fat cells that regulates the metabolism of lipids and glucose in the fat cell, and also influences our own body’s response to insulin. This hormone decreases triglyceride production, has an anti-inflammatory effect in arterial walls, decreases glucose production in the liver, and increases insulin sensitivity. Adiponectin is the protein product of an adipose tissue-specific factor, isolated


and termed APM1. Low levels of adiponectin are found in people who are obese, and high levels are seen in people who have a tough time storing fat. The net of this is that if your adiponectin levels are higher then you will more than likely have an easier time getting lean and staying lean. The higher amounts of raspberry ketones in your body means higher amounts of adiponectin, which means more fat released as fuel. Now you should know that these things don’t work in a vacuum and if your diet isn’t complimentary to fat burning then your results will be poor. After all, you can’t eat ten pizzas, take some rasberry ketones and think that your body won’t want to store extra calories as fat. But if your diet is right, and you are exerting more energy than you are taking in, then adding raspberry ketones can help you effectively raise adiponectin levels and in turn help you lose a much higher amount of body fat.

Can taking more red raspberry ketones help us stay lean, burn fat and achieve some to the body goals that we want? As  you have probably already guessed from our earlier discussion the answer is yes. The evidence seems to suggest that raspberry ketones can help us lose fat and keep it off. While most of the scientific data has been done with rats or in test tubes, the evidence is more than promising. However, I want to stress that there hasn’t been any human trials that I am aware of, and this is not in any way a super fat burner miracle pill. I do believe that adding red raspberry ketones to your good daily diet in the form of a fat burner like Scorch or similar product can have a positive impact on your body’s ability to burn fat faster and help you keep it off.


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