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Rain or Shine, Here I Come

It’s going to be sad making my way to the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend, knowing that, for the first time in 20 years, there will be no IRON MAN PRO to emcee. But, I’m sure my emotions will brighten a bit when I enter the venue and see so many friends I’ve encountered in my 25-plus years in the industry.

So, rain or shine (and it’s been raining cats and dogs this week, but the forecast for a drier weekend is encouraging) here I come. I’ll be interviewing a slew of industry mainstays on Saturday, and will also be spending some time at the IRON MAN booth, where most of the staff will be, at least in part, over the two-day affair.

Make sure you come on by, and chat with the likes of John Balik, Michael Neveux, Steve Holman, Ruthless Ruth Silverman, Dave, Goodin, David Young and Marvelous Merv, among others.  I can’t wait to see Merv’s posing routine; complete with the obligatory briefs, to show off his new and vastly improved 2010 physique. I tried, to no avail, to get him to enter the BodySpace SpokesModel competition. But, you can see all the finalists Saturday afternoon. Some great looking bodies, to say the least. And, the winners will grace the cover of IRON MAN Magazine after undergoing a studio shoot with Michael.

And, I plan on taking in Jay Cutler’s seminar at 2 pm on Sunday. Come on now, the man is the first person in bodybuilding history to lose, then regain the Mr. Olympia title. Jay’s a great guy, and does a super job every year at this colloquium. Get there early, the room fills up fast.

Way too much to talk about, so the best thing is to have you log on to and plan for a fun, exciting weekend.

I’m out.

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