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Radical Digital Magazine Experience Presents Bodybuilding Content in a Truly Interactive Format

Oxnard, CA, April 1, 2011 – MuscleXL, an innovative, new bodybuilding iPad™ app from the publishers of Iron Man magazine, is now available from the App Store℠. MuscleXL lets users feed their passion for bodybuilding in a brand new way never before possible.

MuscleXL is rich with state-of-the-art workout, dietary and lifestyle articles, healthy gourmet recipes, videos, slideshows and more. This digital magazine opens unlimited possibilities for the user and is the only magazine in the bodybuilding world that is in a multi-media/interactive format. It has multiple ways to “experience” the bodybuilding lifestyle.

Each page of MuscleXL is designed to keep the eyes and hands engaged. The animated content makes the experience more vivid and compelling. This unique MuscleXL experience also allows advertisers to showcase their brand with multi-layered ads and full-screen videos. Users can access additional product information, get detailed ingredients info, and participate in surveys… the possibilities are endless.

One of the first things that you’ll notice about MuscleXL, and about the iPad™ in general, is the stunning quality of photographic reproduction. This visually powerful medium is tailor-made for great bodybuilding images.

“The digital magazine brings together the key components for creating a complete bodybuilding experience for the reader. We’re delivering engaging content coupled with an unmatched media experience,” said John Balik, Publisher of MuscleXL and Iron Man magazine. “We’re presenting content developed exclusively for MuscleXL and re-imagining how the bodybuilding lifestyle can be enhanced.”

Learn about the latest trends in sports supplements and breaking research in nutrition and exercise by downloading the MuscleXL app.

The new MuscleXL digital magazine app is available free for a limited time from the App Store℠ or visit

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