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Publisher’s Letter: The Human Condition

The heart of the IRONMAN Research Team.

The IRONMAN Research Team is a way for us to gather real-world input from the users of food supplements and training concepts. We offer special incentives to team members who fill out a short questionnaire after they try the featured products, and we use that information to help us evaluate the products and get a grass-roots feel for what works. We've been receiving a lot of before and after pictures from team members along with their questionnaires, but Mickey Anderson's stood out from the crowd. We chose to feature him because his is much more than a 12-week makeover; it's an inspiring human story that will show you what's possible when all the ingredients for bodybuilding success are present. Turn to page 106 and be prepared to be amazed and inspired.

We're essentially a men's bodybuilding magazine, but we cover all aspects of physique competition: men's and women's bodybuilding as well as fitness. One of the most heated debates revolves around the women's side of the sport. We decided to meet the controversy head-on by airing various points of view and getting your feedback. It's a black-and-white issue with very little gray area for many. Opinions are strong, and we've given full vent to them. The question really is, Is women's competitive bodybuilding evolving or devolving? The Sandwich states his views in a way that only he can; Bill Dobbins, one of the most passionate defenders of a woman's right to build muscle, says the athletes should take it where they want it to go; Butch Lebowitz and Charlie West chime in with their yin and yang; Ms. Olympia Andrulla Blanchette, one of the greatest physiques of either sex the world has ever seen, gives her in-the-gym perspective; and finally, IFBB Vice President Wayne DeMilia talks about the realities of producing the Ms. Olympia over the years. One of the people in that group will reflect some of your own feelings. Our purpose is to let it all hang out, although we realize that some of it will make you angry'very angry. My reason for publishing the opinions of that very diverse group is to create a dialogue that will help redefine what women's bodybuilding should be. Turn to page 152 and join the process.

Armand Tanny has been a part of bodybuilding for more than 70 years, first as an outstanding bodybuilder and strength athlete and then as the dean of bodybuilding writers. His career is the stuff of legends, and he's the recipient of the 2001 Peary and Mabel Rader Lifetime Achievement Award. Gene Moz'e has written a wonderful historical tribute to him. The saga begins on page 222 of the Nov '01 IRONMAN.

The NPC USA contest is always a monster show. This year it was in Las Vegas again, and you can see and read all about it starting on page 258. For a more extensive pictorial view, check out, where you'll find more than 600 photos from the big event. IM

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