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Publisher’s Letter: Serendipity

Six weeks before the Olympia, Jay gave us a call.

Serendipity is one of my wife's favorite words, and this issue's cover of almost '01 Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler is a perfect example of it. Six weeks before the Olympia, Jay gave us a call. He was in great shape, he said, and he wanted to shoot with Mike Neveux again. Mike knew of Jay's great potential and set up the session. A very short time later Rod Labbe, the writer who does our Legends of Bodybuilding interviews, called us to propose an article on Jay. Then Jay almost upset Ronnie Coleman's applecart in Las Vegas, which catapulted him from an inside story to the cover. So a whirlwind of serendipitous events led to another great Neveux cover and an insightful interview by Labbe that begins on page 144 of the March '02 IRONMAN.

We showcase Bill Dobbins' photographic artistry with 'Sexy, Feminine Muscle,' 20 images that capture the power, athletic grace and beauty of the female physique. Many of his photos stretch the limits of society's standards, but they all exhibit Bill's unfailing artistic vision. In some of the images, especially the nudes, the bodies are pure sculpture. Bill's photography celebrates the intrinsic beauty of the human body, beginning on page 226.

The IRONMAN Research Team is one of our most popular ongoing series. Every month we feature cutting-edge products and invite team members to try them at greatly reduced prices. All we ask in return is feedback on your results. Some products are new twists on old ideas, others are ingredient breakthroughs for existing products, and every once in a while the IRONMAN Training & Research Center uncovers a whole new category. This month we introduce a testosterone booster built on the most primitive and basic of stimuli: the fundamental connection between the human sense of smell, the brain and the hormone supply that it triggers. Early test subjects have shown great enthusiasm for this very unusual testosterone booster. Turn to page 168 for the full story and judge for yourself.

Rehan Jalali has written the occasional feature for IRONMAN, and this month he comes onboard as a regular contributor. Rehan has the well-rounded credentials our readers respect. He's highly educated in biochemistry and is a lifetime natural bodybuilder, which means he understands the never-ending quest to enhance natural testosterone production and control the catabolic effects of cortisol. His in-depth exploration of phosphatidylserine, beginning on page 290, explains the very powerful effect this indispensable nutrient can have on your bodybuilding progress. It's must reading for any bodybuilder who trains drug-free.

To top it all off, we keep the contest coverage coming. Ruth Silverman's Fitness Olympia report begins on page 124, and Lonnie Teper covers the NPC Nationals, starting on page 300. For hundreds more photos from both of those spectacular events, please visit our Web site at

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