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Publisher’s Letter: Royal Flush

Off-the-wall interviews with Chyna and King Kamali make this issue a standout.

This month's IRONMAN spotlights a couple of revealing and off-the-wall interviews, starting with Lonnie Teper's conversation with World Wrestling Federation superstar Chyna. The queen of the ring opened up for Lonnie's tape recorder to reveal a strong and determined woman who makes her own luck. She also opened up for Mike Neveux's camera to reveal a whole new side. For a no-holds-barred look at Chyna'and her training'see page 128.

King Kamali, though not yet the king of bodybuilding, holds a winning hand as well. He has a physique to be reckoned with, and he's carving out a niche as a personality in the sport. To see him onstage is to see a fresh vision of what professional bodybuilding needs, and he exhibits the same outrageous personality in print. It takes an outrageous writer like The Sandwich to capture King at his best. The interview begins on page 154.

Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty presents an interesting look at stress and training this month. Researcher Hans Selye coined the acronym GAS for his General Adaptive Syndrome, which described the body's response to stress. Selye wasn't interested in exercise, but he was fascinated by the way the body reacts to various stresses. In bodybuilding the stress is the workout, and the result can be stronger, bigger muscles'but it's not quite that simple. There are different stages of stress, one of which is exhaustion, and that can mean a regression in muscle growth. Read Mike's unique and powerful interpretation of Selye's concepts, beginning on page 214, and then see how Jonathan Lawson and Steve Holman apply those theories in 'Train, Eat, Grow,' which starts on page 104.

While Mentzer may be Mr. High Intensity, many other bodybuilders use various HIT techniques to speed their progress. On page 122 Mr. Natural Olympia John Hansen discusses the high-intensity tactics that have worked for him. John is not exactly a Mentzer disciple, but he believes in experimenting with various training concepts to find what works for you.

Our coverage of the IFBB Ms. International and Fitness International competitions begins on page 184, with inspiring photos of the athletes illustrating Ruth Silverman's entertaining and insightful commentary. As usual, the Arnold Fitness Weekend was a marathon of great bodybuilding and fitness. If you really want to experience the event, go to, where you'll find more than 500 photos.

Starting on page 164, Michael G'ndill gets down with the facts about muscle burn and how the body handles that anaerobic stress. It can be a precursor to muscle growth or a catabolic cascade. G'ndill takes you on a fascinating tour of not only the body's reaction to the stress but also what you can do from a nutritional standpoint to turn the tables on catabolism and enhance recovery and growth. By zeroing in on the timing of doses as well as the supplements, he creates a foolproof strategy to maximize your workouts. Don't miss the latest installment of his 'Mass Combustion' series.

The July '01 IRONMAN is another information-packed issue. I look forward to your feedback. Send e-mail to me at [email protected] and let me know what you think. IM

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