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Publisher’s Letter: Info Concerto

The issue’s big features: Casey Viator and Patrick Arnold, the father of pro hormone use in sports.

The creation of IRONMAN each month is a collaborative effort. The features, departments and sections are planned by Steve Holman, editor in chief, with input from the staff. Because so many of our contributors are freelancers, there are many variables to balance. Steve is the conductor of the symphony that is this magazine, and like a symphony, it's greater than the sum of its parts. This month he's assembled quite a concert of information for you.

Patrick Arnold is arguably the father of pro-hormone use in sports, and I've always appreciated his directness and total command of his subject. A bodybuilder by avocation'as well as a chemist'he brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the field. He also has the integrity to tell it like it is about the limitations of pro-hormones. In a two-part interview that begins this month, The Sandwich conducts an intensely personal Q&A that reveals Arnold's deep passion for the subject'as well as his own. It's a landmark interview not to be missed. Even if you have no interest in pro-hormones, you'll find it stimulating reading. Part 1 starts on page 102.

Casey Viator is a legend in bodybuilding. I remember seeing him for the first time at the '70 AAU Mr. America contest in Culver City, California. He was 19 years old, and I could hardly believe my eyes. He took several best-bodypart awards and served notice of a star in the making. Rosemary Hallum tracked him down in the wilds of Georgia to bring you up to date on the youngest Mr. America winner ever. Casey also opens up about his successes in the 1970s and early '80s as well as the Colorado Experiment, in which he gained 60 pounds of muscle in four weeks. You'll learn exactly how it happened, including the routine he used. Casey is one of the strongest bodybuilders of all time, a guy who trained with the intensity of a man possessed. The interview begins on page 176.

Is there anyone who doesn't want to increase his bench press poundage? 'Bench Press Blastoff 'gives you 15 keys to improving numbers from power experts Richie Smyth and Tom Venuto. The bench press is a core exercise for building a massive upper body, and Smyth and Venuto have all the angles on getting the most from the lift and driving up bigger numbers. Turn to page 166 for this power-packed feature.

Jerry Brainum continues his lifelong search for the newest and best science that can be applied to bodybuilding. In Eat To Grow, which begins on page 58, he stretches the applied-science envelope once again with his examination of the latest research on combining protein and creatine. Thanks to his obsession with bodybuilding and nutrition research, we all benefit.

I've only touched the surface of the great articles you'll find on the following pages. As always, I want to know what you think. Your feedback is key to making IRONMAN the best it can be. IM

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