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Publisher’s Letter: Blessed Issue

Lee Priest interview, Arnold coverage and Iron Will.

Lonnie Teper's interview with Lee Priest is this month's must-read feature. Lonnie captures the essence of this outspoken competitor, revealing a personality that adds a fantastic third dimension to his astonishing physique. Lee talks about everything from his background and home life to the sport of bodybuilding'with a candor that's usually missing in professional bodybuilders' interviews. There's no evasiveness in Lee's answers'he tells it as he sees it. A great interviewer and a one-of-a-kind subject. If you weren't a fan of Lee's, this will make you one. It starts on page 152. I must also congratulate Mike Neveux for his powerful yet elegant photos of Lee and Cathy Priest. They capture the dynamic couple as clearly as Lonnie's questions bring out Lee's personality. Both portraits reveal and illuminate the subjects.

The IFBB Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic is the star attraction of the biggest weekend in bodybuilding (and it just keeps getting bigger and better). Lonnie's report on the men's competition gets to the core of what happened and why in the battle for the $100,000 top prize. It starts on page 180. Readers who want more coverage will find 500-plus photos from that monster weekend at

'Iron Will' presents a quirky, entertaining and informative interview with nutrition expert Will Brink by The Sandwich. If you've read The Sandwich's previous interviews, you'll understand what I mean by quirky. If you're not familiar with his work, the Brink interview is a great introduction. It's on page 232.

With Michael G'ndill and Jerry Brainum, IRONMAN is fortunate to have the two best science writers in bodybuilding. Each has his unique style, but they both bring brilliant and creative minds to the research reports'and they share a lifelong love of bodybuilding. We're proud to bring their knowledge to you. Read Michael's innovative take on muscle burn on page 222 and Jerry's 'Science Diets' on page 142 and Bodybuilding Pharmacology on page 90 and see for yourself. If you enjoy in-depth articles about bodybuilding nutrition, visit to find more of Jerry's work, including his Applied Metabolics newsletter.

Most of what we talk about in IRONMAN has to do with training, nutrition and supplementation. We're primarily a how-to magazine, focusing on what works for most aspiring bodybuilders. We also report on the sport of competitive bodybuilding and have several departments aimed at enhancing your life outside the narrow realm of sets, reps and supplements. Teagan Clive's Soft Spots (page 200) and Laura Moore's Sex-Rx (Mind/Body, page 202) are thoughtful and frank discussions of sexuality and relationships. To paraphrase, Man does not live by barbells alone.

It's another jam-packed issue full of useful and entertaining information. Please let me know how you like it. I read every piece of feedback we get.

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