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Publisher’s Letter: Birth Daze

And the process of producing a monthly publication.

A magazine like IRONMAN is essentially reborn every month. In a way it's like a gestating infant but with a four-week cycle rather than nine months. The birth of any child brings a mixture of pain, expectation, fear, confusion and joy. The parents are completely wrapped up in the helpless life. Every month I feel like an expectant parent, wanting the best for my offspring but knowing I can't control everything. Luckily, Ironman has a collective parenthood that includes the great genes of a diverse and talented group of writers. As Arnold said, 'First pick the right parents.'

This month I'm a very proud parent because I believe the diversity and quality of the writing and photography in this issue set a new standard for Ironman. You, of course, are the final judge, so please let me know what you think. Send e-mail to [email protected].

Andrulla Blanchette is the Lightweight Ms. Olympia, and I haven't been so impressed by a female bodybuilder since Cory Everson. Blanchette's virtually flawless proportions are the stuff of heroic sculpture. In an interview with her that begins on page 162, Teagan Clive demonstrates her talent for getting to the heart of the matter while Mike Neveux's camera pays homage to one of the premier physiques of our time.

We held the presses so we could include our coverage of the '01 Ironman Pro Invitational in this issue. It was a slam-bang season opener, and there were a few surprises. See Lonnie Teper's report on page 170. As with most contests, there's much more to see than what's in the magazines, so be sure to visit our Web site at, where you'll find photos of everything from comparisons to the posedown.

I've known Chris Dickerson for more than 30 years. Chris was and is a class act'always professional, always prepared, always gracious. Rod Labbe's interview lets you catch up with the former Mr. Olympia. See page 220.

There are good fats and bad fats, but this month we turn the spotlight on bizzarro fats, a.k.a. trans fats. Jerry Brainum discusses the details of those mutated macronutrients, and you may be shocked at what he has to report. Once you fully understand trans fats, you'll avoid them like poison. First, however, you have to know what to look for on food labels. This is must reading that starts on page 236.

The Sandwich, love or hate him, certainly gets his subjects talking. This month he continues his interview with Patrick Arnold, the father of pro-hormones, who talks truth about those controversial supplements and what the future holds. If you liked Part 1, you'll enjoy this installment, which begins on page 184.

New & Views and Pump & Circumstance are two of the most popular columns in Ironman because they deliver the goods month after month. Lonnie and Ruth Silverman give you the inside scoop on the wonderful and sometimes wacky world of bodybuilding and fitness, starting on page 206. By the way, Ruth and Lonnie update their Hot News section on the Ironman Web site on a regular basis, so check it out.

In-depth interviews, contest coverage, news, gossip and consistently the best training info in the sport. Though I'm a bit dazed from getting another issue to press, I can honestly say that this baby is very healthy and will satisfy your bodybuilding needs. IM

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