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Publisher’s Letter: Abs to Aminos

Training articles range from debunking ab myths to new tools to help speed you toward your goals.

The bedrock of the IRONMAN philosophy is our desire to bring you the most up-to-date and authoritative information on exercise and nutrition. This issue reflects that philosophy. The training articles range from debunking ab myths to IRONMAN Training & Research Center muscle-training programs to quick lifts. Plus, Jerry Brainum delves into the subject of detraining to shed new light on what really happens to your strength and muscle when you miss workouts'something that's inevitable around the holidays. Our nutrition coverage is equally as wide ranging, from the highly respected Brian Batcheldor's take on breakthrough nutrient research to the always fascinating theories of Michael G'ndill. Add a blockbuster feature on glutamine, the king of aminos, by Jerry Brainum, and you have a slew of new tools to help speed you toward your goals.

In 'Ab Myths' on page 62 Steve Holman explores the best methods for creating great abs and in the process explodes some popular misconceptions that may be keeping you from achieving midsection perfection. He also includes two efficient programs that hit the abs from all angles.

Then in 'Train, Eat, Grow' Steve and Jonathan Lawson take you on their personal journey toward their physical goals so you can experience the workouts, camaraderie, humor and joy that go along with real bodybuilding. This month they feature a home-gym version of their program for trainees who have limited time. It starts on page 82.

If you enjoy the athletic pleasure of performing the Olympic lifts and their specialized auxiliary exercises, Bill Starr's 'Only the Strong Shall Survive,' which begins on page 200, is invaluable. I've always enjoyed the special feeling of accomplishment and overall body power that come from practicing the Olympic lifts. If you've never tried them, now's the time to feel what you've been missing.

IRONMAN readers were introduced to Brian Batcheldor in his two-part interview with The Sandwich that appeared in the September and October '01 issues. Now he returns with an exciting new substance that could be the next step in the evolution of anabolic nutrients. You'll find the IM Research Team's exclusive look at Humanofort on page 138.

Michael G'ndill always rides the crest of the latest nutrition-research wave, and nothing illustrates that more than his 'Protein Pulse' series, Part 2 of which begins on page 124. What I find so intriguing about Michael is his boundless creativity in taking different scientific source materials and synthesizing them into information that's useful in the real world of bodybuilding.

Jerry Brainum's feature on glutamine, which begins on page 168, covers all the bases on the muscles' most prevalent amino acid, including how it can help you get bigger and stronger'as well as healthier'by boosting your immune system. He also discusses the best form to use.

The November issue presented a controversial superfeature on women's bodybuilding, and we got tons of letters, both pro and con. Most thought we did a balanced job. This month we continue the controversy with our feature on Denise Masino, 'The Naked Publisher.' A female bodybuilder who has her own vision of what the sport is all about, Masino takes us into uncharted territory. Her interview with Teagan Clive and Stan Berkowitz begins on page 158.

I am especially proud our ongoing 'Legends of Bodybuilding' series by Rod Labbe. Each of the athletes interviewed has made a significant contribution to bodybuilding history. This month Labbe puts the spotlight on Rich Gaspari.

With great nutrition and training information plus a look at some of the sport's most interesting personalities, it's one tremendous issue. IM

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