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Cory at 50
The Most Influential Ms. Olympia Ever Still Rocks the House—at the Half-Century Mark

Great Wall of Chyna
WWF Diva Chyna Kicks Butt In and Out of the Ring (Will Arnold?s Butt Be Next?)

Gustavo Badell, Take That!
Badell Went From Third-Tier to Top-Level Pro and Thumbed His Nose at the Skeptics

Inside Kiana Tom
Asian bombshell gets her revenge.

Jay Cutler Opens Up
His Controversial Loss to Ronnie Coleman, Drug Testing and His Plans for the Future.

Legendary Lady
Twenty-six Years After Winning the First Ms. Olympia, Rachel McLish Is Still Turning Heads.

Mike O'Hearn: Renaissance Man
All-around Talent Pushes O'Hearn to A-List Status.

Mike Mentzer's Last Interview
Mr. Heavy Duty's Eerie Swan Song.

Smackdown: King Kamali Profile Pt. 1
An Exclusive Interview With the New Pro Sensation

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