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Piana Strikes it Rich

As Mike New Wave has always said, bodybuilders never retire, they just take extra long breaks. I see that was the case at the Border States over the weekend in San Diego. Rich Piana, who I have announced many times during his long career, got back on stage on Saturday, and knocked off the field in both the Super Heavyweight division and the Overall; I assume an event used to qualify for next month’s Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Rich began competing when he was 15 (nearly 25 years ago); he bested Quincy Taylor at the 1998 California State Championships; the last time I announced his name he finished sixth in his class at the 2004 Nationals–if I remember correctly, that is. I had seen Piana in several commercials over the years, but he told me that had "dried up" so he was competing again.

Piana went to the same high school as Alex Azarian–Crescenta Valley; anyone wanna guess who the two best built dudes were at their 20 year reunion?

Anyway, looking forward to seeing Piana on stage in Florida next month. At 6-foot, and about 265 pounds, he has always had the beef to be the chief. Was always lacking in the conditioning department. If he can dial it in, Piana might be playing some sweet tunes at the Nationals.

And, I see Tad Inoue competed, getting second in the Light Heavyweight division. Tad, how did you train for this show with what you and the wife went through the night of my Junior Cal, only four months ago? Man, do you know how to get that focus back. Congrats. And, by the way, how’s the baby doing?

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