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Over-40 Training Articles

A selection of the best articles for Over-40 training.

Avoiding Injuries by Pete Sisco
If you've been around a gym very long and talked to a few of the regulars, you'll soon discover nearly everyone, it seems, is nursing some kind of injury.

Over-40 Bodybuilding by John Hansen
Training Adjustments to Keep You Gaining Through Middle Age.

Muscular Methuselah by Steve Holman, Iron Man Editor in Chief
In-the-trenches Supplementation for Over-40 Bodybuilders.

Over-40 Flexer-Uppers by L. Rea
How to Get Rid of Your Fat, Limp and Almost Lifeless Middle-Aged Body.

Over-40 Muscle and Health Diet by Jerry Brainium
Build Your Body Through Middle Age and Beyond.

Over-40 Nutrition by Jerry Brainium
Jerry Brainum, renowned researcher and over-40 bodybuilder, reveals what supplements he takes and why.

vibration therapy platform Vibration Therapy Platform
The lazy way to substantially improve muscle strength, performance, balance, core fitness and flexibility.
getting stronger Getting Stronger
Strength Training for 21 different sports: Off-season, pre-season, in-season training programs.
rotator cuff 7-Minute Rotator Cuff Solution
Complete program to prevent and rehabilitate rotator cuff injuries.
cort bloc Cort-Bloc Cortisol Suppressant
Suppresses cortisol production and prevents muscle tissue cannibalization.
hot cold compress Obus Forme Soft Gel Hot Cold Compress
Easy to use compress provides soothing relief from sore and aching muscles, joint stiffness and more.
beginning bodybuilding Beginning Bodybuilding DVD
One of the best basic training guides. Complete workouts, set up your own basic gym, more.
recoverx RecoverX Postworkout Meal
The only thing you should eat after a workout if you intend to keep your muscles.
weight training technique Weight-Training Technique
Illustrated step-by-step guide will teach you how to use perfect exercise technique.

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