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Orange County Happenings

Went to the prejudging at the NPC Orange County Classic Saturday am; couldn’t view the finals because I had to head back home to attend a buddy of mine’s wedding reception at 3 pm.

Still, had time to shoot the breeze with a lot of familiar faces as well as check out the contest talent. Congrats to men’s champ, Hannes Fritsch, who made it back to back victories after winning the initial MuscleContest Championships a month earlier in Culver City. Got a look at both Phannary Pen and Khay Rosemond backstage at the OC, and am not surprised a bit that both lovely ladies took home the Overall trophy in the Figure and Bikini divisions, respectively. For complete results and photos, go to promoter Jon Lindsay’s site at

I congratulated Jerome (Hollywood) Ferguson, working hard at the booth, on his upcoming marriage, which will take place on July 4 on stage at–you got it–Muscle Beach! Jerome’s leaning out these days, and it may be for more than just his wedding. Can Hollywood be traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada, a couple of weeks after he ties the knot to enter the USA? Hmmm…you know, what better wedding present could the guy get than the long sought after pro card Jerome’s been chasing for longer than he wants to remember.

Right next to Jerome was Sonia Gonzales, working in her usual slot at the GNC booth. The lovely lady from Temecula is two for two in 2010 after switching from figure to bikini (New Zealand and the MuscleContest), and was looking forward to taking on a tough field at the Pittsburgh Pro Bikini Championships this coming weekend. Can’t wait for Hardbody Hinds to give me his front row report on that battle come Saturday.

Yogi Avidan was there at Anaheim High, shooting for and; ditto for Alex and Nga Azarian and Bill Comstock, who were signing up competitors who wished to purchase a disk featuring their sublime stage photos. Lionel (the L Train) Brown was at Pete Ciccone’s MusclePharm booth, and told me he’s planning to get back on stage at the Europa in Dallas later this summer.

Hany Rambod was in town for most than just checking in on his clients; I was told Rambod, accompanied by his gal, Farinaz Tavakoli, was going to make his emcee debut, co-hosting the show with veteran Mike Stolle. Oh, by the way, Pistol Pete will be doing likewise with me at the ‘Cal next month before going from behind the podium to on stage in posing briefs at the USA at the end of July. Ciccone made top five last year–can he move up a notch or two this season? Time will tell.

Okay, time out. But, come back soon, ‘ya hear?


1. Winners
2. Alex and Nga Azarian
3. Bill Comstock, Tonya Moore
4. Hollywood Ferguson
5. Yogi Avidan and Ernie  Garza
6. Hany Rambod and Farinaz Tavakoli
7. Sonia Gonzales

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