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Nutrition Research Articles

Essential reading on bodybuilding nutrition research.

ATP Energy
Do the new ATP supplements work?

Blood Simple
CBC and Other Tests for Health, Fitness and Peace of Mind

Future Shock
Just a few years earlier Martin had been an average competitor, then he discovered gene doping.

Crank It Up With Creatine
Crank It Up With Creatine, Sex and Myostatin and Protein Good for Bones

Fat High, T Low
Those interested in increasing their testosterone levels in a completely natural manner?without using any type of drug or even food supplement?may be interested in what follows. One caveat, however: The information applies only if you have excess bodyfat.

Firefight for Firepower
John A. Wise, Ph.D., Reveals Why Beta-Alanine Is a True Muscle-Power Intensi-Fire

ITRC: Essential Body Builders
Essential fatty acids have been shown to promote growth hormone release, strengthen the cardiovascular system, enhance bodyfat metabolism and promote hormone stability.

ITRC: Methyl-D
The Newest Super Pro-Steroid

ITRC: Recovery Redux
If you want more muscle and strength, you have to make the commitment to follow the simple guidelines for postworkout nutrition.

Novaldex: Ideal Fat-burning Drug
Human trials of beta-3 selective drugs have thus far proved disappointing; the drugs seem to work much better in animals than humans.

Ribose For Cellular Energy
Ribose promotes better ATP recycling and increased muscular recovery after training.

The Carnitine Scene
Is it just for skinny guys in tank tops and those '70s style running shorts your grandpa wears?

Vitamin C fights stress hormone. The Perpetual Pump?
You've heard that it's important to consume a carbohydrate-protein-and-amino acid cocktail immediately after exercise to maximize the anabolic effects of weight training, right? The timing of a meal may be just as important for weight loss.

What Color Is Your Creatine?
These days we have creatine and essential amino acids. Then there's HMB and a host of other solid anabolic/anticatabolic agents that are supported by science. With the good, however, come the bad and downright ugly.

vital choice seafood Vital Choice Seafood
Pure and natural source of essential omega-3 fatty acids and powerful biological antioxidants.
grassland beef Natural, Addictive-Free Beef
Great source of omega-3s, regulate body fat, prevent or delay onset of diabetes.
beginning bodybuilding Nutrition Almanac
A best-selling guide to eating better for better health—newly updated and expanded.
GH Stak growth hormone Growth Hormone Stimulator GH Stak
Patented, safe hormone stimulator for fat loss, anti-aging, superior immune function, revitalizing sex drive.
beginning bodybuilding Train, Eat, Grow
Complete bodybuilding manual that lays it all out for you: diet, motivation, no-wasted-effort training programs.
fat burning diet cook book Fat Burning Diet Cook Book
Recipes for over 150 mouth-watering easy-to-fix Fat Burning meals, snacks, beverages and protein drinks.
beginning bodybuilding RecoverX Postworkout Meal
The only thing you should eat after a workout if you intend to keep your muscles.
abs e-book X-traordinary Abs E-book
Latest Abs E-book from Iron Man. Free with every Iron Man subscription.

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