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No Need to Lift Heavy for More Muscle and Youthfulness

7204-prime6Heavy weights are not necessary or even desirable when it comes to getting all the benefits of resistance workouts—and that includes building plenty of muscle.

Most people, especially those who are older, shy away from weights for that very reason: They think they have to strain with heavy poundages and damage joints. Not true.

The Old School New Body program featuring the F4X system is moderate-weight, high-fatigue lifting. The weights are very manageable, and the sets are easy at first—but the short rests between sets create cumulative muscular fatigue. That’s what produces most of the amazing benefits of resistance training—including muscle stimulation, a cardiovascular effect for heart conditioning and fat burning as well as a significant release of growth hormone for anti-aging benefits.

Many can get those results with only four key exercises performed in F4X style three days a week—workouts lasting less than 30 minutes. (There are more advanced programs in OSNB as well—including SHAPE and BUILD workouts.)

—Steve and Becky Holman

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