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Nice Weather, Contest, Montana!

Well, didn’t even need to bring the pea coat when I ventured to Bozeman, Montana over the weekend to host the NPC Yellowstone Classic. I mean, it barely sprinkled on Friday night; only snow I saw appeared on those beautiful mountains about 20 miles away. Actually, the climate was better in Bozeman than it was in So Cal, with rains pelting the ground on Friday and Saturday in Pasadena. But, it’s all back to normal here—sort of. Temps going all the way into the mid to high 90s this week. Man, what a wild and wacky weather year we’ve had.

The first-year contest, promoted by Jeff and Kati Kovick, was a success. A lot of outstanding competitors; the top four in the Men’s Heavyweight division were separated by but four points! The crowd was good-sized, and very supportive of its athletes.

Guest posers Branch Warren and Hidetada Yamagishi, the Asian Creation, thrilled the crowd with their Mr. Olympia muscle; Trish Warren was scheduled to show off her Olympia fitness routine, but a post-contest injury prevented that. Still, Trish addressed the crowd, and joined in with her hubby, and Hide, in handing out awards.

Congrats to winners Kortni Simkins (Bikini), Kimberly Agnew (Women’s Bodybuilding, Masters 35+ and Mixed Pairs, with Dan Just), Tessica Cervantes (Figure) and Shaun McFerrin (Men’s Bodybuilding).

Had fun chatting with several of the staff, judges and competitors at the Old Chicago eatery after the show. Would have been even better if one of them offered to pick up the tab.

I’m out.

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