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Nguyen for the Win?

Was chatting with Paul Finn earlier today, and he was telling me how sublime one of his clients, An Nguyen, is looking. Nguyen, last year’s Lightheavyweight champ at the ‘Cal, went on to finish fourth in the division at the USA. And, although most of the pre-contest hype in that class has centered around Pistol Pete Ciccone, runner-up to Al Auguste in 2010, and Tamer “The Razor” El Guindy, the division winner in 2009, I felt Nguyen could battle for the win this season.

Well, as Finn pointed out, no need to discuss that point anymore; Nguyen hit the scale at 230 this morning and, with eight weeks to go, Paul says An will be headed for the Heavyweight division when the prejudging starts on July 29 on the Artemus Ham Auditorium stage at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

“I’m having An drop weight very slowly,” says Finn. “With his roundness, he should come in right on the button in the Heavyweight class, but look like a Superheavyweight…everything is going very well, I expect big changes in the next 10 days.”

I asked Paul to get a shot of An after we spoke, and he obliged. Here’s how Nguyen looked on June 2. Your thoughts?

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