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New Year’s Inspiration

My Christmas present to all of you? New Year’s inspiration. ‘Cause if these photos of Tony Pearson and Chris Faildo won’t supply the motivation to get ya back to the gym, and do push-ups (as in AWAY from the dessert table), probably nothing will.

The amazing Pearson, a former pro superstar for those who followed the game in the 70s, 80s and 90s, last competed in 1994 at the San Jose Pro. He also flexed on stage at the IRON MAN Pro a few weeks before; I emceed both shows.

The enclosed photos by Claus Willemer were not taken after those contests; they were shot on December 21…two weeks ago! Less than a month before Tony’s 54th birthday (January 11)!

“After a six-month diet and training twice a day I was in good enough shape to go on stage again,” says Pearson via e-mail from his current residence in Holland. “The first time on stage after 16 years was with my former World Mixed Pairs partner Juliette Bergmann at her show (the Juliette Bergmann Classic) at the end of October. Juliette is also over 50 too…and then I posed at the Germany Championships at the end of November. I’ve been on a diet for eight months.”

Pearson is now living in Holland after doing stints in Phoenix, AZ (1991-1992), Hollywood, CA (1993-2000) and Las Vegas, NV (2000-2009). “I have friends in Holland,” Pearson writes, “so I came back here to write a book about my 36 years on training, nutrition and my life in general…so, that’s why I got back into shape! The book will be finished by the end of February.” If you want to order the book, or contact Pearson, write to him at [email protected].

On the subject of getting back in shape, Faildo was eating out of Tupperware over the holidays while the rest of us (okay, MOST of us, were eating anything we could get our hands on. Especially if it had fat, sugar and sodium in the mix.

Why the torturous agenda during what should be festive times, Christopher ? Of course, if you’ve read this blog before, or checked out this site, already know why.

“I’m really looking forward to stepping on stage and giving the audience a show they will never forget,” says Faildo as he continues his prep for his photo shoot with Michael Neveux on January 28, and his guest posing appearance at the IRON MAN Naturally on Saturday, January 29. The accompanying photos were taken at the Powerhouse Gym in Honolulu, HI last week where the “Hawaiian Hurriclean” trains; he’s about 175 pounds now, and will be around 168 for his photo shoot with Michael Neveux the day before the IMN.

“I take my profession very seriously,” says the 45-year-old former Team Universe Overall champion. “I’m coming into the FitExpo (Faildo will also appear at the IRON MAN booth on the 29th and 30th) with that in mind. I LOVE the sport of bodybuilding. I consider it an honor to perform at the contest, and to meet all the great fans at the Expo over the weekend.

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