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New Year Resolutions

7401-pub1January first, the birth of a new year.  Time to reflect on the old and plan for the new! Historically, January is the beginning of the frenzy to undo all of what we did to ourselves, especially during that six-week Thanksgiving-to-New Year celebration.

Family, food and festivities become the focus for most of us, and our usual habits are eroded by those three Fs. Day-to-day rituals are distorted or disrupted, and we begin to feel out of control, being dragged about by the three Fs—all very normal. Our carefully nurtured habits that give us such support are suddenly under attack by outside forces—no wonder we feel adrift. We have successfully adapted, or we wouldn’t have survived. That’s how nature works, and it’s time to continue the process.

Adaptation is not locking yourself in the gym with a case of protein powder and a shaker!

We are self-condemned to a titanic battle between the perfect bodybuilding lifestyle and a realistic holiday schedule. For some the mental anguish between “good and evil” is a battle to be won at all costs. For others discretion is the better part of valor. Bend the rules to fit the social situation, enjoy, and move on.

I know some who get so invested in achieving perfection that they are no fun to be around. The holidays are about love, and love is spelled family and food! I am not advocating gluttony and sloth but rather flexibility.

If you don’t feel like your usual workout, go to the gym anyway and “play” with your training. Do some of the exercises you rarely do or do them with lighter weights, or whatever strikes you.  The workout becomes a tonic to rejuvenate your mind as much as your body at this time of year.  Try not to miss the workout, but there is no rule that you must do the same exercises in your usual way.

Of course, time is going to be more of a factor with the continuous holiday rush, so shorten your workout if you must, but try not to miss it. Now for the fun part: Start to think about 2015, but first review 2014 in your mind or maybe review your training diary. What worked? What should be added? What needs to be streamlined? What did you learn?

Above all, enjoy the process; it is as much about growth as a good set of 20-rep squats! IM

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