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VPX’s Muscle Nitrous has taken NO2-type products to the next level. The company’s exclusive polylipid delivery ensures that each nitric oxide’increasing ingredient in its powerful matrix hits the bloodstream within minutes and remains active for several hours. How important is delivery? Well, if you’ve read the most recent NO2 supplement research, you know that the top-selling NO2 pill product failed to build muscle and increase strength. The pills are more than likely just passing through the digestive tract and ending up completely intact in the toilet.

With the liquid delivery of Muscle Nitrous and Muscle Nitrous PUMP now available, you’ll feel your muscles swell, your veins expand and a freakish pump fill your entire body almost immediately’and you’ll stay that way long after you leave the gym.

NO is known in scientific circles as the muscle’s ‘cell signaling’ molecule, and it will help you take your body to the next level by creating the optimal internal environment for growth. NO plays a role in oxygen delivery, blood flow, glucose uptake, power output, nutrient delivery and muscle growth. Within days your muscles will take on a rounder, fuller appearance, and you’ll feel like an uncaged animal in the gym right from the first dose.

Polylipid delivery ensures that the Muscle Nitrous matrix is 100 percent absorbable and ready to fill your veins with muscle-pumping, stamina-enhancing NO-rich blood faster than you can walk from your car to the gym. Don’t swallow a pill and simply hope some of it gets absorbed. Get 100 percent out of your supplements. Take advantage of true delivery technology and get on Muscle Nitrous today. Muscle Nitrous is now available in a delicious RTD version that will not only quench your thirst, but pump you to the max. Visit or call (800) 954-7904 for more details.

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