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IRON MAN magazine has had a digital presence since way back in the days of the dial-up modem—remember 28K? As that world has evolved, so have we, and being on the cutting edge vs. falling off the bleeding edge is always a balancing act.

IRON MAN was out on that bleeding edge 15 years ago when we went live with our first site. Today the cutting edge is mobile platforms, a term that didn’t exist 10 years ago. IM is there again, and if you own a smart phone or tablet device, you can have a mobile version of IRON MAN’s content on it.

The free IRON MAN magazine app is in Apple’s App Store, but it’s also available on almost every other operating system from Android on down. If you have an iPad, it’s a wonderful way to see the spectacular photography of Mike Neveux in a way that the printed page can’t begin to approximate. It’s a little like looking at a color slide on a light table: sharp, vibrant, almost 3-D.

Even on the diminutive but ultrahigh-resolution screen of the iPhone, the pictures jump out at you. For me the digital experience is just another way to view information. The printed page has its virtues and always will, but the mobile platform offers you the opportunity to access IRON MAN’s content wherever you have a 3G or 4G signal or a wireless connection.

I’d really like to get some feedback on our app. You can rate it at the App Store or send e-mail to me at [email protected]. You’ll be viewing version 1.0, so it’s just the beginning of the journey. As with the magazine, it’s very important to me that the digital version fulfills your needs, so let me know. An advertisement for the IRON MAN app that will give you a feel for how it looks on the various mobile platforms appears on pages 212 and 213. We’re excited by the technology and its capacity for spreading the word about the bodybuilding lifestyle as defined by IRON MAN magazine. Enjoy! IM

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