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My routine & a fat loss tip!

On Sunday my wife Cathy and I are heading to LA for a meeting with my business partners.  We will be staying in Venice Beach, with Muscle Beach out the back of the hotel and Golds Gym just a short walk away.

Traveling used to drive me nuts until I changed my workout schedule.

How I work out now:
For most of my life I had a set workout routine.  This on Monday, that on Tuesday, etc.  If I missed a day it would throw my whole week off.

I have finally set myself free of the 7 day workout week!

I simply workout most days and miss days either when I have to or feel I need a break.

Here is my routine.
Day 1 Back & Low back
Day 2 Chest & Abs
Day 3 Legs
Day 4 Arms
Day 5 Shoulders & Abs

I just cycle through these workouts in this order.  Its that simple.  I do follow the Old School New Body protocal that builds muscle density, is easy on the joints and also provides a cardio vascular benefit, in fact other then walking my dog with my wife, I don’t do any organized cardio.

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Yours in health and fitness


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