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My Get-Lean Diet

ironmanmagazine.comI usually write about training in this space; however, it’s important to remember that the muscle you build is much more impressive when your bodyfat is low. So this month I’m going to outline my diet. Keep in mind that I’m in my early 50s and stay lean year-round.

First, I’ll list the supplements I use regularly and then the individual meals in my daily diet.



• B-complex, 50-milligrams (timed-release)

• Vitamin E, 400 international units

• Multimineral, 2 per day, with food

• Vitamin D, 2,000 international units

• Vitamin C, 1,000 milligrams (timed-release), 2 per day, with food

• GlutuLean (L-glutamine powder), 10 grams

• BCAA capsules, 5 before each meal

• PowerCarb, 1 scoop after workout

• Lean Body meal-replacement shakes

• HICA MAX, 3 tablets after workout

• SuperCharge, 2 scoops prior to workout


Meal 1

10 egg whites

1 cup oatmeal

1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt


Workout: Take L-glutamine powder, BCAAs and

SuperCharge preworkout powder at start


Meal 2 (postworkout)

Lean Body meal-replacement shake

1 scoop PowerCarb

1 tablespoon fish oil

3 HICA MAX tablets


Meal 3

8 ounces chicken breast

10 ounces sweet potato

1 cup vegetables


Meal 4

8 ounces chicken breast

1 1/2 cups rice mixed with black beans

1 cup vegetables


Meal 5

8 ounces salmon, orange roughy or halibut

10 ounces sweet potato

1 cup vegetables


Meal 6

Lean Body meal-replacement shake

1 tablespoon fish oil

—Lee Labrada


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