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Lee Labrada

  • How to Score Six-Pack Abs

      I’ll never forget the first time I saw NABBA Mr. Universe Serge Nubret “wiggle” his abdominal muscles. Yes, wiggle. While...

    AbsLee LabradaFebruary 26, 2016
  • How to Build Thick and Powerful Legs

    Back when I was beginning my undergraduate work at Northwestern University, my then-training partner, Tom Deters, and I would regularly challenge...

    BodypartLee LabradaFebruary 21, 2016
  • Put Two Inches On Your Arms in 12 Weeks—Triceps

    Training the arms can be broken primarily into triceps training and biceps training. We’ll start with the triceps because they are...

    ArmsLee LabradaFebruary 18, 2016
  • My Get-Lean Diet

    I usually write about training in this space; however, it’s important to remember that the muscle you build is much more...

    Burn FatLee LabradaMay 22, 2013
  • How to Build Thick and Powerful Legs, Part 2

    Last month I described an intense leg workout I experienced in college with my training partner Tom Deters. Before I get...

    BodypartLee LabradaDecember 23, 2012
  • The Secrets of Creating a New You

    Let’s face it: There’s never been a more perfect time to take action and get into amazing shape. With all of...

    Goal SettingLee LabradaOctober 13, 2012
  • Put Two Inches on Your Arms in 12 Weeks—Biceps

    Because the biceps are a small muscle group relative to other muscles of the torso, I prefer to train them immediately...

    ArmsLee LabradaOctober 11, 2012
  • 4 Simple Steps to Success

    What would you say if I told you that your level of discipline might not be quite up to snuff when...

    LatestLee LabradaAugust 17, 2012