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I find it humbling to follow in John Balik’s and Mike Neveux’s footsteps as  the new owner/publisher of IRON MAN magazine, with a legacy stretching back to  1936.  My wife, Dr. Cat, and I are proud to carry this legacy into this Century, and thank John and Mike for having faith in us. 

It’s an exciting time in the fitness/bodybuilding industry, yet despite all of the new modalities and protocols, lifting weights still holds the test of time.  While IRON MAN will continue to evolve with and present current training and nutrition trends, it will never lose sight of its deep roots.  Yes we support modern times, but we honor and will continue to honor the traditions and values that made IRON MAN great.  You’ll get plenty of iron in IRON MAN.

I truly have a great love for IRON MAN magazine, which is why we purchased it. IRON MAN is what gave me inspiration and guidance when I was a young athlete. Shooting the cover of the magazine in 2006 was also my big “big break” and launched my career as a fitness entrepreneur.  We have invested in new writers and art designers to produce the highest quality magazine possible with innovative and modern content that is informative, inspiring and visually beautiful. We are passionate about the quality of our magazine so much that we believe every issue should be a collectible.

We have already expanded IRON MAN distributions to airports, all Barnes & Nobles as well as newsstands across the country so that every reader can have easy access to our magazine. We have also built a new online team of programmers, videographers, as well as social media experts to build our website and expand our internet reach. IRON MAN magazine is really the go-to for everything fitness. There will be nothing like it when it comes to fitness information and media, and we are extremely excited to share that with all our readers.

Join IRON MAN and share this exciting journey,

Binais Begovic Editor-in-Chief


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