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Muscle for the Masses—90 Minutes a Week? Really?

“Sell-out!” Those words screamed at me from an e-mail I recently received. The gist of the rest was that I’d gone soft, forsaken my hardcore-muscle fans and defected to soft-core fitness with my wife in producing the Old School New Body program. Ouch!

There was also insinuation that I was, um, untruthful, to put it politely. The OSNB e-book promotes a training system, F4X, that is designed to produce results in 90 minutes a week—30 minutes per workout.

No B.S.: The LEAN workout in OSNB can produce excellent results with only 90 minutes a week, especially for older, inexperienced trainees. It’s designed to get people off their butts and experiencing the incredible benefits of safe, sane proper weight training–not to build bodybuilder muscles, which most people don’t want anyway, especially women.

Take my wife Becky. She trains 90 minutes a week with a version of the LEAN program and is in fantastic shape. Very impressive considering that she’s 50. My own workouts take an average of 50 minutes each, and I train three or four times a week. I’m 53, and I have abs and plenty of muscle (my training is very similar to the BUILD workout in the Old School New Body program, incorporating many of the set-variation methods outlined there).

Want another example? How about Clarence “Ripped” Bass–he recently sent me a photo of how he looks now at age 75. I asked him how much weight training he does to get in the condition he displays in the pic. He said–drum roll–90 minutes a week. How about them apples–er, um, muscles! (His new book, Take Charge, will be released soon.)

Okay, I don’t want to get righteous, but my mission, along with my wife’s and co-author John Rowley’s, is to turn as many people on to moderate-poundage, density-style weight training as possible, especially people over 40. Why?

I truly believe if more people were using this type of weight-training workout consistently–yes, only 90 minutes a week is fine–our sky-rocketing national healthcare costs would nosedive. Not kidding!

The reason is that this style of training is so good at optimizing the immune system and hormones, building some muscle, reducing the risk of diabetes (more insulin sensitivity) and producing significant anti-aging effects (natural growth hormone release)–all of that without joint stress from lifting heavy. The trainee also gets significant fat burning and residual cardio benefits with short rests between sets (it’s a lot like HIIT cardio with overall muscle stimulation).

If more people would commit to this type of workout, we may even get the obesity epidemic under control (younger people should use it too–our daughter, who is 20, does F4X workouts, and it’s helping her keep off the bodyfat and stay in shape while she’s away at college).

Please join us. Become an evangelist for sensible weight training for the masses—for the Built-for-Life lifestyle. If you know anyone who could benefit from this information, please forward this to them or send them to

We are serious about our mission of taking moderate-poundage, density-style weight training to the masses. It could change people’s lives for the better–and, maybe, eventually the world (okay, knowing human nature probably not, but we can dream).

Stay tuned, train smart and be Built for Life.

Note: For the article “5 Steps to Looking 10 Years Younger” and more info on the Old School New Body program (on the page after the article), go to


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