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A new breed of smart bottle makes hydration more convenient than ever.

By Amanda Burrill, MS


The phrase “Hydrate or die!” gives me flashbacks to my days in the military. I believe the actual command was “Take a knee. Drink water.” But the seriousness of the directive was always clear: This simple act had life and death consequences, so don’t screw around.


A lifter without a water bottle is like Captain America without his shield. Fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness, serious health consequences—ain’t nobody got time for that. Water regulates body temperature, lubricates joints, transports nutrients around your body, and makes your skin look plump and healthy. And that’s just maintaining basic health! (And we are not about settling for basic around here.) Hydration is a big part of lipolysis, the process by which your body throws fat stores into the metabolic furnace. It also keeps our muscles full (especially if you’re taking creatine) and prevents performance from dropping off during sweat-soaked workouts. Hydration isn’t even a type of debatable topic for us, but the vessel of delivery is worth a discussion.



Nathan FlexShot



Cost: $16–$20

Where to buy: Modell’s or Road Runner Sports

When I need water stat, the last thing I need is a baby-bottle flow rate. Enter the FlexShot, my new favorite gym bottle. It’s high flow, leakproof, and made of silicone, a material that helps keep liquid cooler for longer. When I think of an insulated water bottle, I think hard shell. Not this one. It’s collapsible, thus great for packing in a tight suitcase. The FlexShot comes in 24 or 17 ounces, the latter being awesomely streamlined for the gym. I love the wide array of colors to fit both masculine and feminine tastes.


Dexas H-DuO


Cost: $13

Where to buy:

We drink a ton of water, but there’s also pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout drinks to consider. Protein, BCAAs, electrolytes, caffeine—let’s face it, we all have a drinking problem. The H-DuO is two drinks in one bottle. Both chambers are watertight; I put it to the test all around Manhattan. The footprint is only one bottle, so you’re using one drink holder in your car or gym bag. My favorite use for the H-DuO is adding my pre-workout powder to one side and post-workout BCAA mix to the other. Everything is ready to just add water. Dishwasher safe, too.


Mizu V7


Cost: $36

Where to buy:

If you want a bottle that looks sexy and sophisticated, the V7 model is your jam. The wide-mouthed, stainless-steel bottle comes in glossy white, hammer paint grey, or soft black. Even the textures are fancy, but it’s functional, too. It fits in the car cup holder or a backpack side pocket, and insulates both cold and hot liquids. For an extra six bucks you can add a coffee lid. Mizu has a great backstory, too: founded by a pro snowboarder and committed to eco-conscious business. I like any product touting a lifetime warranty, because I put my gear through the wringer on the daily.


SmartShake Original2Go


Cost: $13

Where to buy:

I know, you already have SmartShake in four different colors because you grab one at every fitness expo. With an increased volume of 27 ounces, the new Original2Go is bigger, smoother in hand, and has a glossier modern finish that adds a bit more “ooh la la” to the OG bottle you’ve run through the dishwasher a hundred times. And the old perks still apply: BPA- and DEHP-free, microwave and freezer safe, and three compartments for all your powder and on-the-go supplement needs. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just make it bigger and shinier.


Nalgene MultiDrink


Cost: $13

Where to buy:

Apparently there are some people who prefer to sip water as opposed to tossing it back like a savage. (Maybe they don’t want to stain their new veneers with fruit punch BCAAs?) A straw makes a lot of sense in a car or on an elliptical. Either way, dainty sipper or careful driver, Nalgene’s MultiDrink fits in a cup holder, has a straw that rotates out for drinking on-the-go but also locks into place keeping the bottle leakproof. Life gets crazy, and Nalgene has been setting the standard in non-leaking and shatterproof certainty since the 1970s. Respect.


BlenderBottle SportMixer


Cost: $15

Where to buy:

This sharp-looking number can be used for water or mixing powdered drinks, even the thickest of protein shakes. What sets this apart from the rest is the BlenderBall wire whisk that does the job ensuring a clump-free drink. The updated BlenderBottle also has a nice grip around the neck, offering a firm hold whether you’re shaking it up or running between meetings. In two sizes—20 and 28 ounces—and 13 colors, you can be that dude at the gym who matches your outfit to your bottle! Just kidding. Don’t do that. Seriously. IM



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