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Staying Focused and Motivated

The Angst Within by Skip La Cour
Road to Depression or Catapult to Success? It’s Up to You

Body Talk by Timothy Seavy
Listen closely to what it’s saying if you want to continue gaining

Lifetime Bodybuilding by Timothy Seavy
Training for the long haul.

Live Hard by Steve Holman
Hitting the gym and building a rock-hard physique can make life easier—and more fun.

Mind Matters by Skip La Cour
What you believe can affect how you achieve.

Motivation: Lords of discipline by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
Mastering your mind for exceptional results.

Subliminal Sabotage: Who are your workout partners? by Skip La Cour
Your success in bodybuilding is affected by those around you.

Take Charge! by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
And succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

beginning bodybuilding POF Critical Mass Video/DVD
For bodybuilders of all levels who want a no-nonsense effective approach to building muscle fast.
beginning bodybuilding Home Ab Bench
The one and only ab exercise bench to work your entire abs.
beginning bodybuilding Powerblock by Intellbell
Patented, selectorized, affordable dumbbell system that is no larger than a shoebox.
beginning bodybuilding Ultimate Bodybuilding Encyclopedia
Arnold, Haney, Mentzer and others reveal their techniques and secrets in their own words.
beginning bodybuilding Train, Eat, Grow
Complete bodybuilding manual that lays it all out for you: diet, motivation, no-wasted-effort training programs.
beginning bodybuilding Beginning Bodybuilding Video
World's leading HIT advocate. It will motivate, educate, captivate and change your life forever!
beginning bodybuilding RecoverX Postworkout Meal
The only thing you should eat after a workout if you intend to keep your muscles.
beginning bodybuilding IronMind
Gold mine of information for anyone looking for peak performance throughout their lives.

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