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Mind Games – Keys to Progress

Why I succeed?

I succeed because I’m willing to do whatever it takes (WEIT). I fight against all odds. I sacrifice. I refuse to be shackled by fear, insecurity, doubt or lack of competence. I feel those emotions but drink them in and with God’s supernatural favor they are banished into oblivion. They do not reside in my house. I am motivated by accomplishment, not by pride. Pride consumes the spirit. If I fail… I get up. If I am beaten… I will return. I will give up. I will never stop getting better. I will never give up… EVER.

W. Edwards Deming the great business leader had a philosophy about leading a successful life that he taught in business. His philosophies can be applied to our fitness and bodybuilding goals. A few of those philosophies are continual improvement of people and to view each problem and each task as an opportunity.

It starts with being “present” during your workouts. View THIS workout as a once in a life-time opportunity. If your life was on the line, would you go through the motions? If it was a fight to the death would you throw some half-hearted punches? Of course not!

Walk in to the gym with confidence and determination. Shut the phone off, forget about what happened at work, no talk about yesterdays ball game, no time for that hottie on the stair-climber. Set them aside. They’re not on your mental playlist. Focus on the task at hand.

Here’s the scene. It’s squat day. Warm-ups out of the way and now is the time for the champion in you to emerge. The bar is cutting across your shoulders, you’re gasping for breath and your legs are on fire. You’ve accepted the battle for muscle and it’s right here, right now. Refuse to crumble.

You’re in hell and you know the only way to crawl out of the darkness is to grip the bar and fight your way out one rep at a time. Panty-wastes would have already racked it. They didn’t have courage or confidence.

You… you’re willing to step over the edge. You’re willing fight for that rep! You’re willing to die for that rep. You’ll tear the bar to shreds for that rep. You’ll dig your fingernails into the bar for that rep.

You know that rep is going to make the difference between stepping up and holding your head high or giving up in shame. That rep is going to be etched in your memory, it’ll build your confidence and define your character. You’ve got to look at your eyes in the mirror and know that you’re willing to sacrifice yourself for that rep.

That’s metal focus, that’s progress, that’s constant improvement.

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