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The subjects underwent bodyfat testing, and only those who exercised at least four times a week showed significant bodyfat loss

How often should you do aerobics if your goal is to lose bodyfat? According to the United States Surgeon General, the minimal load of aerobics for the attainment of both fitness and fat loss is four times a week, for 30 minutes per session. A recent study examined that advice to certify its accuracy. The study involved 90 subjects, including both men and women, age range 22 to 74. All the subjects were told to exercise four times a week for 30 minutes, at an intensity equal to 70 percent of maximal oxygen intake, which is a moderate level of exercise intensity. The study lasted eight weeks, with 80 of the initial subjects completing the study. They were assigned to the following categories:

1) Control group, didn’t exercise at all

2) Subjects who exercised twice weekly or less

3) Subjects who exercised three to four times a week

4) Subjects who exercised four or more times a week

The subjects underwent bodyfat testing, and only those who exercised at least four times a week showed significant bodyfat loss. This study confirms the suggestion that you should exercise at least four times a week for 30 minutes if you’re looking to lose bodyfat. The exercise should involve aerobic training, which is the most efficient form of exercise for triggering fat burning.

—Jerry Brainum

Willis, F.B., et al. (2009). Frequency of exercise for body fat loss: A controlled, cohort study. J Str Cond Res. 23(8):2377-80.

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