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Manibog Joins Faildo on IMN Stage

In 2007 Mike Manibog finished fifth in the Lightweight class at the NPC Team Universe Championships in New York, the same year that Chris Faildo won the Overall.

The two will be posing on the same stage one more time on Saturday, January 29 at the IRON MAN Magazine Naturally; Manibog is competing in both the Unlimited Lightweight division and the Masters 40+, Faildo is the special guest poser.

Like the Hawaiian Hurricane (or, as I like to call him, Hurriclean), Manibog has racked up a spectacular resume in his NPC career. The 44-year-old personal trainer from Aliso Viejo, CA has placed third on two different occasions at the Junior Nationals, and has been fifth at both the Nationals and USA. Not to mention a slew of unlimited and masters titles along the way.

So, why did Mike, who has won his class at the NPC ‘Cal on two occasions, decide to throw on the posing trunks at the IMN? “I attended the FitExpo for the first time last year and enjoyed the entire experience,” the 5’4”, 152-pound Manibog says. “Being surrounded by people who share the same passion for health and fitness made me feel right at home. The variety of events, vendors and fitness personalities made the weekend quite a unique experience.

“When I competed at the Team Universe in 2007, I met Faido. He was a pleasure to talk to, and was an inspiration of all natural athletes. I look forward to seeing him onstage, representing the highest level of success for the natural competitor.”

As I write this blog (12 days out), more entries are coming in at a much faster pace, as expected; deadline without a late fee is this Saturday, January 22. I recognize several of the competitors on the list, but many are new faces. At least to me. Eric Broser, who you should be familiar with if you read IRON MAN, is flying all the way in from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Stephanie Hahn is traveling from Fayetteville, NC to strut her stuff on stage in Figure. Just got a Bikini entry in from Oregon.

Okay, better stop typing; another entry form arrived. A local fellow this time, Robert Chan, who used to train at the same Gold’s Gym, Pasadena that I do. Haven’t seen Robert in months. Glad he still has the competitive urge, has a lot of potential.

Considering this is the first year of the IMN (for it’s second run), I’m very pleased with both the numbers and quality of the competitors. Think you will be, too, fans, so get your fanny out to the LA Convention Center and see for yourself.

Remember, entrants, 8 am meeting on the 29th; follow the signs as you enter the venue. Prejudging begins at 10 am; finals at 4 pm. We shut down at 6:30 pm, so you’ll be able to enjoy an early dinner at one of the many downtown eateries to choose from. Then you can spend Sunday touring the FitExpo. A lot less hungry than you were the day before.

See ya soon.

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