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Lorenzo, Frank and Tad

Congrats to Lorenzo Jones for yet another victory on stage this year; this time it was the Jr. USA Overall, held over the weekend in front of his Texas hometown fans. That followed, of course, the triumph in the Light Heavyweight class at the Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh in July. And I don’t know how many others wins Jones racked up this year, last year, or the year before.

What I do know is I announced his name a few times as the champ when I used to emcee shows in Texas over the past several seasons. I’d say Lo might have the most NPC wins of all time, actually. If you’re reading this Mr. Jones, give me the stats. Now, that could be conceived as either good or bad…you know, the guy’s just a trophy hunter, etc. Now Lorenzo has a chance to finally move up to the next level.

In my previous blog, I listed some title contenders for this weekend’s North American Championships in Cleveland, Ohio; let’s add Jones to the list. And Frank Stinson, too. According to Danny Seibert, my 2009 Overall winner at the Junior Cal, I failed to mention his coach, Tad Inoue, in the mix. So, now I am.

As you know by now as a reader of this space, Stinson won the Heavyweight and Overall at the New Jersey State Championships recently; at 5’6″ and 225 pounds, this is one thick dude who should make a strong showing in Cleveland. And Inoue, the man with the (spray) tan (as in official spray tan sponsor of the West Coast Classic, that is), looked his all-time best in placing third in the HW class at the Masters Nationals.

So, there you go. Three more names who can make some noise at the show.

Let’s get ready to rumble.

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