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Lean, Mean Expert’s ASC Picks

Dexter Jackson

Kai Greene

Branch Warren

Phil Heath

As always, there will be plenty of new highlights at the Arnold Sports Festival, which gets underway with a bang Thursday night. That’s when the prejudging for fitness, figure and bikini will take place—at Veterans Memorial Auditorium—for the Arnold Amateur. And, as always, I’ll be behind the podium, so make sure to come by and say hi if you make it there…100 bikini competitors in only its second year!

One impressive new look this year will be the bodies of “The Experts” after the Swami, Hardbody Hinds and Yogi Avidan had to purchase new pants last season for our rapidly expanding waist lines. After tipping the scales are nearly 200 pounds a while back, I’ll be at 188 come show time (at 5’10”), with 16” guns.  The 5’11” Hinds, up to 225 over the holidays, swears he’ll be a trim 205 by the time he arrives in Columbus on Wednesday, with 15” guns. Avidan, at 6’1”, ballooned up to a disgusting 259 after the ‘Olympia, but will be under the 240 mark in Ohio, with 14” guns.

Okay, so we still suck, physique wise, but we’re known for our vaunted cerebral gifts anyway, not mind-boggling muscle mass. And here we are to tackle—as I point out on my inside look in the ASC video on this site—what could be the most competitive event ever. With four—yes FOUR—legit title contenders.

Who else to start out the prognostications but the elder statesman and the group. And the sharpest of them all….me.  Oh, just to let you know, the rule for this one was we had to all make different selections for our winner, just to mix things up a bit. And, as you see, I’m the only one who still has faith that “The Blade” is still sublime enough to cut up this tough field.

1. Dexter Jackson (ties Flex Wheeler for all-time ASC record with his 4th win)
2. Kai Greene
3. Branch Warren
4. Phil Heath
5. Toney Freeman
6. Melvin Anthony

1. Phil Heath
2. Dexter Jackson
3. Branch Warren
4. Kai Greene
5. Melvin Anthony
6. Toney Freeman

1. Kai Greene
2. Phil Heath
3. Dexter Jackson
4. Branch Warren
5. Toney Freeman
6. Melvin Anthony

*SWAMI LONGSHOT: Don’t be surprised if Ronny Rockel finds his way into the top 6. My counterparts feel the same way about Hide Yamagishi.

Are you ready? Let’s get ready to rumble…or is it crumble?

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