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Khay, as in Pay, Mr. Ray

Khay Rosemond kept her word. The 2010 West Coast Classic Bikini Overall champ drove into Pasadena today, and popped for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Even bought dessert. Oh my, that carrot/cheese cake was wonderful. Are you reading this, Shawn Ray? Khay didn’t forget her wallet. She didn’t forget her credit card. She didn’t say she had it “next time.” She paid! What a joyous feeling!

Lonnie & Khay

I wasn’t even upset…well not THAT upset, that this 4’11 ½”, 95-pound dynamo was 20 minutes late. But, considering she was driving all the way in from San Pedro, about 30 miles or more away, and into an always hyper congested Old Town on Friday afternoon, that really wasn’t so bad. Now that I think about it, in fact, Sugar Shawn always forgot his wallet—and was an hour late to boot most of the time.

Nancy, Lonnie, Khay

Hair/make-up artist Nancy Jambazian, a Pasadena resident, joined us about 45 minutes into the meal, and Khay and I generously threw some grub her way. Even let her feed on the dessert, too. By the way, for those interested in competing in the 2011 West Coast Classic (, Nancy will be my official hair and make-up sponsor again. Make sure you make your reservations with her through the website well before the show.

Anyway, the meal put a finishing touch on Khay’s outstanding season. She opened up the year with an Overall win at the Orange County Muscle Classic in April, followed that up with a like performance at the WCC in June, then ended the 2010 campaign with a fifth place finish at the North American Championships two weeks earlier in Cleveland, Ohio.

And, if you haven’t noticed yet, she’s one of my Rising Stars in the October issue of IRON MAN Magazine. Not a tough choice, eh folks? I mean, anybody that fine, and who foots the lunch bill as well, deserves some major recognition. Right, Mr. Ray?

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