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Justin Balik, College Grad!

Justin Balik, College Grad! Congrats to Justin Balik, the 22-year-old mean, lean academic machine, who graduated May 11 from the University of Miami with a degree in Psychology. Justin, son of IRON MAN Publisher John Balik, and his wife, Stephanie, also picked up a minor in Chemistry. According to his pop, Justin is considering a position with a company that supplies specialized instruments to surgeons while he is studying for the Mcat-medical school entrance exam.

Justin is certainly not all brains and no brawn; the 5’8″, 165-pounder, who features a deeply etched set of abs, bench pressed 280 for a single rep in a school wide competition. John and Stephanie’s daughter, Lilli, is completing her freshman year at Chapman University in Orange, CA.

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