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Jay’s Revenge?

jayandltFor those who haven’t viewed the dramatic “Experts” Mr. Olympia predictions video on this site (is that even possible?), I’m gonna give ya one final wrap-up. The Swami sez Jay Cutler will become the first person to win back the Sandow crown next weekend at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

Yup, the Ultimate Beef will be chief once more. Of course, some folks are showing me the door with the selection. I’ll be joining Dave Palumbo and John Romano on Heavy Muscle Radio on Monday night to dig deep into the line-up; the last time I was on and offered up Cutler as the 2009 winner, both fella’s wanted to check my temperature. Jumbo and John said it was Kai Greene’s show to blow, and they certainly aren’t alone in their viewpoint. The man beast is one huge, detailed muscle freak, for sure.

My partners in crime on the “Experts”, Isaac “Hardbody” Hinds, and Ron “Yogi” Avidan, also think I was having hot flashes when we did the predictions tape two months ago the morning after the USA. Well, it was over 100 degrees, so I do have an excuse if Jay doesn’t take it all the way; actually, all three of us do, considering the dessert storm conditions of the day.

“Hardbody” is going with Phil Heath; Yogi tabs Victor Martinez. Hey, trying to figure out how this one will turn out was hard enough to begin with (sorta like trying to decide between Megan Fox, Halle Berry, Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and Jessica Biel); still, having the gonads to put the picks on video, an entire two months out no less, without having the opportunity to see any of the challengers, was a task only the Terrific Trio could fulfill.

I will say this loud and clear right now. Again. Any one of FIVE physique freaks can leave the venue with the $200,000 first place prize money. Keep on reading to understand why.

819rb0562 1. Jay Cutler—Nobody is more driven than Jay. He’s been off the last two years, and doesn’t have an ounce of luxury to be anything but his best to topple the rest. I say he can do it. I look for Jay to come in around 265 pounds on his 5’9 wide body frame. When an “on” Cutler shows up, his shoulder width makes the other fella’s look narrow. Call this flick “The Beef’s Ultimate Redemption.”

824rb13902. Kai Greene—For those who were in Columbus, Ohio to watch Greene dismantle the field at the Arnold Classic, do I need to say more? The 5’8”, 250-pounder out of New York moved to Las Vegas almost two months ago to concentrate on this show; if he’s even better than he was at the Arnold, can anybody beat him, no matter how good they look? Can he win it all? Of course!

819rb04443. Phil Heath—The Gift is great; he was third last year and, for my money, could have won it all. He’s not the biggest guy on stage at 5’9” and around 230-233 pounds or so, but what an eye-popping physique! Best arms in the game. And, his calves, wheels, hams, abs and back ain’t chopped liver either. Can he win it all? Of course!

819rb04914. Dexter Jackson—How can I put last year’s Mr. O winner in fourth? I don’t know, either. This cat looks like the Sandow trophy. Sliced and diced; even when he adds a few pounds to his frame (I insist Dex is 5’6 ½” and 220 or so; he insists it’s more like 233-235), The Blade always shows up in spectacular condition. He hasn’t gotten the respect he deserves for winning the title last year—and now I’m listing him out of the top three. BUT, can he win it all? Of course!

824rb13215. Victor Martinez—Victor had a good comeback with his runner-up finish to Greene at the ASC, but I’m not sure he’s had enough time to be in the shape he needs to be after knee surgery a year and a half ago. He’s got the goods—perhaps the most pleasing body in the entire field—but, with the tragic murder of his sister this summer, and the recent opening of a new restaurant in New Jersey, I’m not sure the 5’9”, 240-pound Martinez can be at his best. Can he win it all? Possibly.

As I state in the video, I have Dennis Wolf in 6th, Branch Warren in 7th, Toney Freeman in 8th, Melvin Anthony in 9th, and Silveo Samuel in 10th? Can any of these guys crack the toughest top 6 in years? Of course!

Who do Isaac and Yogi say will go 2-10? You’ll have to check out the predictions video to find out.

Others who have a great shot at changing the order of things in Sin City? Dennis James, Gustavo Badell and Moe Elmoussawi, without question. James is on a winning streak, Badell had a great comeback with his victory in Atlanta City, and Elmoussawi was in the top 10 last year, finished second to Samuel at the IRON MAN this season and was 6th at the Arnold.

And I thought getting my Thesis done was difficult.

840rb0094Oh, let me give you my top 6 in the 202 Showdown while we’re at it: David Henry, Kevin English, Mark Dugdale, Eduardo Correa, Flex Lewis and Tricky Jackson. Insert Daryl Gee in the 6th slot if he shows up.

Enough hype, let’s start the fight. Looking forward to getting your congrats on my mind-bogging predictions once again. And, don’t worry “Hardbody” and Yogi, you won’t be removed from the team.

Over, under and out.

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